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High Efficiency Fan In Row Air Cooling Units For High Heat Density Data Centers High Efficiency Fan In Row Air Cooling Units For High Heat Density Data Centers Categories In Row Air Conditioning Unit Brand Name: COOLNET Model Number: CR, DX012A, DX023A Certification: CE,ISO Place of Origin: CHINA MOQ: 1set Price: 1800-30000USD Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Supply Ability: 300 PCS PER MONTG Delivery Time: 10-25 working days Packaging Details: Packed in plywooden case, standard export package Product Name: In-Row Air Conditioning Units Mounting: Floor Standing Cooling Capacity: 20-40KW Condition: New Type: Row Based Precision Air Conditioning Unit Voltage: 380/400 VAC,230 VAC,220V Fan type: Axial Fan,Direct driven or belt driven,direct driven/belt driven/AC/EC plug fan,AC direct drive fan Airflow: 2500~8500 m3/h per unit Warranty: 1 Year Refrigerant: R410A/ R407C Application: Data Center, Server room,Modular Data Center Color: Black,Grey,White and Other custom colors Contact Now Add to Cart Product Details Company Profile .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;} .content_format td{padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc; } .content_format {line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ; } .content_format p{margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px; } High Efficiency Fan In Row Air Cooling Units For High Heat Density Data Centers High Efficiency Fan In-Row Air Cooling Units For High Heat DensityData Centers Product Introduction In-row air conditioners are specially designed for modern modulardata centers, such as various modular data centers, data centerswith low PUE requirements, local hot spots in computer rooms, highheat density areas in medium and large computer rooms, and computerrooms Data center with tight area, etc.The use of in-row air conditioners in these places is mainly tosolve the problem that the hot and cold air flow may beshort-circuited, to ensure the uniform temperature of the servercabinets, and to eliminate local hot spots, thereby increasing theoperating reliability of the server and effectively reducingunnecessary energy consumption. Technical Parameter Cool Row DX Series Data Center In Row Precision Air ConditioningModelXR012AXR023AXR040APower380V 3Ph - 50Hz40℃ DB / 20%RH   Total Cooling Capacity (kW)13.226.742.6Sensible Cooling Capacity (kW)13.226.742.637℃ DB / 24%RH   Total Cooling Capacity (kW)12.425.040.0Sensible Cooling Capacity(kW)12.425.040.035℃ DB / 26%RH   Total Cooling Capacity (kW)11.723.338.2Sensible Cooling Capacity (kW)11.723.338.232℃ DB / 29%RH   Total Cooling Capacity (kW)11.222.437.4Sensible Cooling Capacity (kW)11.222.436.830℃ DB /34%RH   Total Cooling Capacity (kW)10.821.336.7Sensible Cooling Capacity (kW)10.821.334.7Air Volumn (m3/h)250050008500Fan Quantity664HeaterCapacity - kW336HumidifierCapacity - kg/h333Connection Pipe SizeLiquid Piple - mm9.5212.716Gas Pipe - mm161928Humidifier inlet pipe (female thread)G1/2"G1/2"G1/2"Condensor pump drain - ID, mm101010Gravity drain - ID-mm252525W × D× H- mm300 × 1000 ×2000300 × 1000 ×2000600 × 1000 ×2000Weight -kg170180225Unit maximum operating current FLA-ACooling12.318.832.5Cooling +Humidification15.722.235.9Cooling +Humidification +Heater16.823.441.5Recommended Circuit Breaker and cable specificationsCoolingCircuit Breaker - A324063Cable - mm24610Cooling +HumidificationCircuit Breaker - A324063Cable - mm24610Cooling +Humidification +HeaterCircuit Breaker - A324063Cable - mm24610     Outdoor unit performance parametersModelXRC16XRC27XRC55Compress quantity111Maximum operating current of outdoor unit FLA -A10.515.326.4Fan quantity212Standard unit operating temperature range-℃-15~45°C-15~45°C-15~45°CLow temperature component operating temperature range-℃-40~45°C-40~45°C-40~45°COutdoor Unit Deminsion and WeightL - mm128011501950W - mm360700700H - mm126015201520Weight - kg90120240Recommended Circuit Breaker and Cable Specificationsoutdoor UnitCircuit Breaker - A203240Cable- mm22.546Advantages It can be cooled close to the heat source, the air flow path isshort, and the cooling capacity loss is small;Adapt to high return air temperature, high matching degree with theoutput air temperature of equipment with large heat generation;Ultra-high energy efficiency ratio, energy saving, and lowoperating cost;Ultra-high sensible heat ratio, will not cause excessivedehumidification;High reliability, long life design: 24 hours 365 days uninterruptedoperation design, the design life is 10 years;Multiple high-efficiency backward-inclined centrifugaldirect-connected fans, air volume redundancy design, each fan isdesigned to operate at the best efficiency point under standardworking conditions;Features Electronically Commutated Compressor♦R410A♦Compressor speed is infinitely variable dependent on the heat load♦Energy saving under partial-load mode, improving energy efficiency♦Significant reduce the start/stop frequency of the compressor♦Improve the system reliability EC Fan♦Saving 20~30% energy compared to traditional AC motor♦Soft-startup function, low startup current♦Adjust rotary speed automatically according to coolingrequirements and airflow pressure, and provide airflow as required♦N+1 redundancy configuration of fans, ensure the airflow in caseof any fan fault♦Easy-maintenance designed Electronic Expansion Valve♦Adjust the throttle of valve smoothly and combine with the ECcompressor to save the energy♦Wide range of operations, which can help reduce the superheatdegree and improve the EER♦Realize cooling capacity and heat load precise matching♦Quick response, realize the precise cooling Cool-Row Typical Applications Application 1 Single row cabinet and closed cold aisle data center Application 2 Closed cold aisle data center Application 3 Closed hot aisle data center Supply AirConfiguration IPhysical Data (mm): 300/600 (width)×1000~1200 (depth)×2000 (height) Configuration IIPhysical Data (mm): 300/600(width)×1200/1500(depth)×2000(height) Coolnet Power R&D Center Psychrometric Airconditioning Performance Testing Lab Production Line and Warehouse ​ .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;} Product Tags: Precision Air Conditioning Unit InRow Axial Fan In Row Air Conditioner High Efficiency Fan In Row Air Cooling Units For High Heat Density Data Centers Hefei Coolnet power Co., ltd About UsCoolnet focuses on the R&D, production and application of datacenter integrated solutions. It is a service provider in the fieldof information infrastructure construction, with technology,products and solutions, and is committed to providing customerswith products and overall solutions in the fields of communicationrooms, data centers, smart city construction and energy management. Our solutions include data center temperature, humidity andenergy-saving solutions, small and medium-sized computer roomtemperature control solutions, modular data center solutions,micro-module cabinet solutions, container data center solutions,communication outdoor cabinet temperature control and energy savingSolutions, cabinet temperature and humidity, and energy-savingsolutions. We have rich research and manufacturing experience in the field ofdata center equipment, with world-class laboratories, productiontesting equipment and a complete line of key equipment rooms. Andpassed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and theproducts have passed CE certification, CCC certification, CQCcertification, CRAA quality certification, etc. We are committed to "pay attention to customer needs and realizecustomer value" and establish a win-win cooperation pattern withcustomers. To become your most trustworthy, most grateful, mostprofessional, most practical, and most reliable partner with thebest vision. We will "make every effort to provide value-for-moneyproducts and services to make customers more competitive", andcontinue to explore and innovate. Factory Tour Office Buliding .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;}

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