A special tribute to the Party from a 94-year-old

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A special tribute to the Party from a 94-year-old man

July 1 marks the 98th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China. A 94-year old Party member in Guanghan, Deyang city of Southwest China's Sichuan province celebrated the occasion in his own way.

Xue Changfa, recently made a donation of 20,000 yuan ($2,913) -- his life savings -- in the form of special membership dues to the Party committee of Xinfeng town in Guanghan.

"I consider the Party as the mother and I've always wanted to make some contribution to the Party. My wife and children are very supportive. With this in mind, I lived frugally these years and saved 20,000 yuan. The 20,000 yuan special membership dues are a token of my regard, and a special gift for the Party's birthday from me, a senior Party member," he said.

Xue, who was born in 1925, decided to join the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-1953), becoming a member of the railway engineering corps at the age of 25.

Yu Yuzhen, whom Xue had only been married to for six months at the time, fully supported his decision.

"Of course I supported him, because our country needed him. Our whole family is very proud that he's served our country," Yu said.

After leaving the military in 1955, Xue chose to work in the engineering department of the forestry bureau in Aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture in Sichuan to support the development of the remote areas.

During an urgent logging task near the Dadu River, Xue and more than 30 teammates were hit by a flood. Xue offered his own life jacket to a teammate but a huge tree helped him escape. When working in Aba, he applied four times to join the Party and was admitted in 1970. He's made great efforts and put forward many suggestions for local development since joining the CPC.

The retiree returned to his hometown in 1979. Even after his retirement, Xue has been deeply involved in the activities of Party organizahe saidtions and the construction and development of the Heping community where he now lives. During his time as leader of a Party group under the community's Party branch, he has vigorously carried out Party member education and led young Party members to strengthen Party building.

"Uncle Xue has always been concerned about the community. He helps promote harmonious relations in the neighborhood and voluntarily plants and trims flowers and grass," said Yu Xide, secretary of the community's Party branch. "Uncle Xue sets an example for fellow Party members by his actions. He has always had our respect."

Not only conforming to the Party's code of conduct himself, Xue also is strict with his family. He always educates his children to abide by the laws, be devoted to work, and become someone useful to society.

At the age of 94, Xue is still in good health and spirits, doing his bit to serve the community.

"44 billion) were signed on Tuesday on the sidelines of the ongoing Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019Working for the Party is something you can do regardless of age. This is my duty as a Party member," Xue said.

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