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Recently, according to several media reports, the 200 year old Brazilian National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, with 20 million collections, was destroyed in a fire. Although the fire was finally put out after more than six hours of full rescue by firefighters, the fire still seriously damaged tens of millions of cultural relics that witnessed the local history of Brazil and South America. Officials said that the surviving collection should be less than 10% of the total

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incident, it not only caused a sigh all over the world, but also sounded an alarm for the construction of fire protection and security systems in museums around the world. Configuring a series of security schemes such as video monitoring, fire/intrusion detection and emergency alarm system for the protection and construction of museums and major cultural relics has increasingly become the top priority in the intelligent construction of major museums at this stage

the Brazilian museum was caught in a fire

building a sustained and efficient intelligent security system requires strong hardware system support. In the process of intelligent operation, a large amount of data needs to be recorded, processed and fed back, and the process needs to be immediate, stable and reliable. In the field of intelligent security hardware, North China industrial control has a number of independently developed hardware products with industrial grade excellent performance, which can perfectly help the construction of museum security system

North China industrial control emb-7540 embedded motherboard is used for museum security system

recently, North China industrial control launched a processing system based on Hisilicon hi3559a; Embedded motherboard emb-7540 is one of the representative works. The product adopts Hisilicon's domestic AI chip and is based on Hisilicon surveillance IP camera's special hi3559av100 quad core processor. The product introduces the most advanced edge computing concept, with strong information processing ability, excellent performance, low energy consumption and stable operation for a long time. The product has 4GB DDR4 memory on board, 16GB EMMC flash, strong information processing ability, supports 36m pixel sensor input at most, and supports PCI-E 2.0 + usb3 0 high-speed storage, with rich interfaces, strong scalability and excellent industrial performance. The product is based on the domestic intelligent Hisilicon chipset vision platform and has the ability of high-quality ultra-high definition video codec

North China industrial control arm architecture embedded motherboard based on Hisilicon hi3559a processor

with the development of many high and new technologies such as big data and cloud platform, more and more security products and technologies are applied to the intelligent upgrading of the museum. Driven by policies and technology, more and more experts will also say that the technical status and accuracy of more and more material testing machines and intelligent security products guard the safety of the museum in the future. For more product information, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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