Ale2015 is also a tough year for us

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Ale: in 2015, we also worked hard

looking back on the past year, with our new identity of ale, we have made proud achievements in market strategy, product innovation and industry recognition. Now, let's take you to count the events of ale2015

exploration leads to the future

in 2015, our innovation

in March 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication released 8088 intelligent desktop telephone, which started unified communication and changed the wire. The experiment measured the new height of video communication when it twisted the number of turns

in April 2015, opentouch notification service solution pushed new functions of alarm and notification

in May 2015, New automatic intelligent architecture technology simplifies network operation and improves business flexibility

in June 2015, ale launched new wireless controller and wireless access point products

in September 2015, ale released a new version of omnivista 2500 network management system to strengthen network management functions

in October 2015, the new omniswitch6350 series Gigabit switch solved the it urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises

in November 2015, Ale released opentouchteamshare cloud collaboration tool to create a secure enterprise level cloud collaboration and sharing platform

award and market recognition

in 2015, our honor

in February 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication data center innovation won the industry award

in May 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication intelligent architecture technology won the 2015bestoofinterop award

in May 2015, C printer automatically prints 18 sample data. Currentanalysis once again rated the data center switching architecture as very powerful

in September 2015, ale won the title of visionary of Gartner's magic quadrant of wired and wireless local area access again

in December 2015, ale hotel industry solutions and their excellent market performance won frost Sullivan Award

success stories

in 2015, our deployment

in January 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication helps helnik ferrochrome of South Africa establish a new data network after years of development

in April 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication brand partner SBL took the lead in providing opentouch Enterprise Cloud solution for British enterprise customers

in April 2015, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication solution helped Shanghai Punan hospital build a medical information network platform

in May 2015, Qualta took the lead in promoting opentouch personal cloud solution to the Italian enterprise market

in July 2015, ale products were successfully shortlisted in the Beijing municipal government procurement list

in September 2015, Tianjin convenience special line service center selected the latest version of omnipcx enterprise to ensure its 8890 unified service and stable operation

the new year opens new hope and new journey carries new dreams! Looking forward to 2016, our goal is to continue to strengthen our own advantages and become a trusted partner for customers

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