Alcoa refused to return the bauxite lease to Austr

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Alcoa refused to return the bauxite lease to Australia

French Puji aluminum said that it rejected the request of Australia to return the lease of large bauxite mines, which could lead to legal disputes. According to Reuters on October 24, the Queensland Government of Australia asked French Puji Aluminum Company (P echiney compared with the same period last year) to return its lease of bauxite mine on October 23, saying that due to the failure of French aluminum company to exploit the resource, Queensland has suffered tens of millions of dollars in income and new jobs

in 1975, Queensland leased the mining right of its Aurukun bauxite resource to Alcoa under the principle of "development or return", which is located in Cape York in eastern Australia. Alcoa, whose main function is to amplify the weak signal generated by the sensor, said in a statement that it did not understand the Queensland Government's move to return the mining right, because Alcoa has long been waiting for the state government to grant permission to build an aluminum refinery in Queensland. Alcoa will not return the lease as required

Peter Beattie, Queensland's chief executive and prime minister, said that the state government would initiate legal proceedings in the state Supreme Court to enforce this requirement. Industry analysts estimate that the bauxite mine in Cape York, northeast Queensland, has a reserve of 500 million tons and will be worth billions of dollars if developed. Bauxite is used to refine aluminum. Queensland Prime Minister Peter Beattie believes that Alcoa has only the name of mining the mine and has no ownership. He accused Alcoa of undermining the agreement reached between the two sides in 1975 because it did not open an aluminum refinery before the end of 1988. He said that he would submit an application for enforcement to the Supreme Court of Queensland later on the 24th

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