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Watch out! Dozens of power generation enterprises face administrative penalties

Abstract: the purpose of power market dispatching is to inform the power generation capacity of each unit and minimize the power generation cost of the system under the condition of ensuring the safety of the system according to the status of all available units in the system

nearly 10 power generation groups and about 15 independent power generation enterprises are suspected of forming price monopoly

according to the announcement of administrative penalty hearing issued by Shanxi development and Reform Commission on the 10th, on the morning of May 18, according to the application of Shanxi Electric Power Industry Association and 18 coal-fired power generation enterprises, and in accordance with the hearing procedures of the administrative penalty law of the people's Republic of China, it was decided to hold an administrative penalty hearing in Taiyuan

marketization efforts of major coal provinces

since 14 years ago, Shanxi has begun to explore the market-oriented power consumption of large users, and the scale of market liberalization is also expanding. Bilateral negotiations have to be approved every year, creating real gold and silver for large users

through the market-oriented electricity transaction, the electricity fee has been reduced, and through the improvement of quality and efficiency, the coal price has increased, but the power generation enterprises are in an awkward position

upstream costs will rise and downstream goods will fall. Power generation enterprises have maintained a state of loss. The power enterprises and coal enterprises listed in the financial report of the first quarter of this year show a trend of polarization. The data showed that due to the large increase in coal price, coal enterprises turned around, and the performance of 18 coal enterprises collectively improved in the first quarter. However, among the 38 home appliance enterprises, 16 home appliance enterprises fell into losses in the first quarter, and the net profit of 19 home appliance enterprises fell year-on-year

power generation groups are suspected of monopolizing prices

this background has caused many power generation groups and power generation enterprises in the province to urgently want to use illegal ways to keep warm - due to the intentional restriction of the price market competition of the second batch of large users, nearly 10 power generation groups and about 15 independent power generation enterprises participating in the hearing are suspected of forming price monopoly

according to the on-site information, the investigation is an illegal act of reaching and implementing a monopoly agreement of "fixing or changing commodity prices" in accordance with Article 13 (1) of the anti monopoly law of the people's Republic of China

as it is currently in the hearing stage, the final judgment result still needs to wait for a process

accordingly, Shanxi became the first province to investigate the alleged monopoly of power generation groups after the power reform


price monopoly disputes occur from time to time in the commodity market, but in this case, since most power generation enterprises are state-owned assets, the defense of themselves mainly lies in maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets

Qiao Baoping, chairman of Guodian group, said in a public report in February this year that last year, coal enterprises strengthened self-discipline, coordinated action, jointly limited production and mutual insurance. The rise of coal prices reached 60% in less than 10 months, and the problem of extricating coal enterprises from difficulties was basically solved. This year, electric power enterprises are going to suffer a total loss. Electric power people must enhance their sense of hardship, not blind competition, and strengthen industry self-discipline. Within the enterprise, we should strengthen industrial coordination, keep warm together and "spend the winter" hand in hand

how to identify monopoly

1. Anti monopoly law of the people's Republic of China

according to Articles 3 and 13 of the law, the act of "operators reaching a monopoly agreement" to exclude and restrict competition is a monopoly act, which is prohibited by the anti monopoly law. Monopoly agreements include agreements, decisions or other concerted acts that exclude or restrict competition. "Fixing or changing commodity prices" between operators with competitive relations is explicitly prohibited by law. It should be noted that monopoly agreements include both written and oral forms, as well as other collaborative acts. Generally speaking, other cooperative behaviors refer to the coordinated behaviors that exist in essence although the operators have not clearly concluded written or oral agreements or decisions

2. Anti price monopoly regulations of the national development and Reform Commission

according to Article 7 of the regulations, operators with competitive relationship are prohibited from reaching a price monopoly agreement on QB/T 2028 (9) 4 soft PVC decorative film (sheet) - right angle tear performance column:

(I) fix or change the price level of goods and services (hereinafter referred to as goods)

(2) fix or change the price change range

(3) fix or change the handling fees, discounts or other expenses that have an impact on the price

(4) use the agreed price as the basis for trading with a third party

(V) agree to adopt the standard formula based on which to calculate the price

(VI) it is agreed that the price shall not be changed without the consent of other operators participating in the agreement

(7) fix or change the price in disguised form by other means

(8) other price monopoly agreements recognized by the competent price department of the State Council

how to punish monopoly

once the illegal act of implementing the price agreement is established, the laws that the violator should bear include:

1, administration, fines and other administrative penalties

according to Article 46 of the antimonopoly law, "if an operator, in violation of the provisions of this law, reaches and implements a monopoly agreement, the antimonopoly law enforcement agency shall order him to stop the illegal act, confiscate the illegal income and impose a fine of more than 1% and less than 10% of the sales of the previous year; if the reached monopoly agreement has not been implemented, he may be imposed a fine of less than 500000 yuan". Specifically, the implementation of monopoly agreements shall be punished by the national development and Reform Commission

why is China's power industry partially monopolized

the power system is generally divided into five parts: power generation, market dispatching, transmission, distribution and power sales. Electricity is not a monopoly of the whole industry, only transmission and distribution and dispatching are monopolies. The reason for these plate monopolies is also to ensure the economy and reliability of power supply

why is power generation and sales not monopolized

1) power generation

the construction and of power plants are not monopolized, so that more capital can enter the market for competition and adjust through the "invisible hand" of the market to reduce the cost of power generation. For example, China's five major power generation groups and even residents' distributed photovoltaic can now sell surplus electricity. Of course, considering that power generation may have an impact on other parts of electricity, the construction of power plants must be approved according to the rules and can not be built blindly

2) power selling

power selling companies are like intermediaries, and generally do not have resource monopoly. Then it can further compress their profit space through marketization to reduce the cost of electricity

why is transmission and distribution monopolized when it can meet the basic needs of the domestic market

first of all, define the two important components of the power transmission and distribution network (the two most basic and cannot be less): cables and transformers. The cable is the carrier of electricity, and the transformer is to reduce or increase the electrical voltage in the transmission process. They all have specific capacity limits, such as how many kW, and they are not allowed to overload for a long time, otherwise they will burn out. Therefore, when laying electricity, we need to select cables and transformers according to the peak demand of regional electricity

1) distribution

all leaf nodes (terminal nodes) are residential users, such as 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, etc. Assuming that the types of electrical appliances in each household are similar, the peak power consumption is 5kW. Then all cables connected to the main line should have a capacity of 5kW to meet the maximum demand, such as,, etc

Does it mean that I need 5kW cable for distribution area

is not. Because residents' habits of using electricity are scattered, multiple households are unlikely to use all their high-power appliances at the same time. Then let's calculate a factor called coincidencefactor, and compare the average peak value of each household after regional superposition with the peak value of a single user (note that the data in figure [2] is not practical and is only used to explain the phenomenon):

the vertical axis in the figure above represents the simultaneous rate, and the horizontal axis represents the number of users in the region. Using the red line data as a reference, if there are 50 households in the area, the simultaneous rate is only 0.15. In other words, the superimposed peak of 50 households in China is only 37.5kw, far lower than 250KW. Of course, we still need to maintain a certain margin in the design, which depends on the industry standard

the above explains a truth. By increasing the number of managed users, more than 3/4 of the power distribution is hot air plastic granulator. The company can obtain a "dividend" to minimize its average investment in each household. For example, for the user group with the theoretical peak value of 250KW mentioned above, the distribution may only need to build 125KW main transformer and main cable. Therefore, from the perspective of economy, it is the most reasonable choice for a company to uniformly build and manage the distribution network in a region

then can we entrust the upstream and downstream of regional distribution to different companies for management and construction? Theoretically, it can, but it will face a conflict of interest. For example, the downstream wants to access some new users, while the upstream main line and substation equipment need to be replaced to realize capacity expansion. Upstream companies may be considering economic benefits and do not intend to replace equipment to refuse downstream access to more customers. Therefore, from the perspective of equipment renewal, it is also the most reasonable for a company to vertically manage and build a regional power distribution

why should power reform emphasize the separation of distribution companies and power sales companies? Because the distribution company may give priority to dealing with its customers' problems according to the distribution of its power sales business, that is, using monopoly to form objective advantages to promote users to switch to the Power Sales Department of the distribution company

2) transmission

the transmission company is responsible for the management and construction of medium and high voltage transmission lines. The monopoly of transmission is mainly to avoid repeated line construction, resulting in a waste of resources. In addition, the construction of power transmission has certain policy guidance, which is used to promote regional economic construction. Of course, it should be noted that transmission companies and power generation companies must be independent of each other. Otherwise, according to the distribution of power plants owned by their own companies, they may use monopoly advantages to focus on building some lines and squeeze the living space of other power plants

why is scheduling monopolized

the purpose of power market dispatching is to inform each unit of the amount of electricity that should be generated according to the status of all available units in the system and ensure the safety of the system, so as to minimize the power generation cost of the system. The meaning of scheduling monopoly is also very simple, just like an orchestra can only have one conductor. At the same time, dispatching must be independent of power generation. Otherwise, when the safe operation of the system allows, the dispatching may allow the generator units owned by its parent company to generate more power, reduce the available power of other power plants, or force the abandonment of wind and light

the above summarizes which parts of the power system will be monopolized and why

however, profit seeking psychology is common, and monopoly enterprises are likely to make improper profits by taking advantage of their own advantages. So how to prevent such unjust enrichment

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