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Ale promotes the popularization of enterprise IOT and mobile applications

Alcatel lucent enterprise communication has launched a new technology to create an ideal network for the popularization of mobile applications and IOT

ale, with Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand, has recently launched a new network infrastructure product to provide strong support for shaping the two main forces of the future digital industry - mobile applications and IOT. These new products are being unveiled at the interop show in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on May, 2016

can be used as prepreg for automobile wheel housing. With the increasing mobile application of enterprises and the popularity of IOT, enterprises need to reconsider the performance, reliability and safety of their network infrastructure. The existing network infrastructure can hardly cope with the load caused by the increasing use of mobile devices and applications in the workplace and the use of IOT in different departments. According to Gartner report, the number of IOT device ports in the world will increase from 5 billion at present to 20.8 billion in 2020. The combination of mobile applications and IOT requires that the network can provide higher resilience, more stringent security, wider wireless coverage, higher performance and the ability to control IOT traffic

the new product launched by Alcatel lucent enterprise communication integrates the mature unified access, intelligent analysis and award-winning intelligent architecture technology of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication, which can provide strong support for mobile applications and IOT. These new products include:

three versions of wave 2 Wi Fi access points, which can meet the growing deployment density of mobile devices and the demand for higher throughput

the new omniswitch6860e-p24z8 multi Gigabit stackable LAN access switch provides 2.5G port, high-power Ethernet power supply capability (75W) and deep packet detection function, which can support the increased flow from the new wireless access point and control the IOT flow

the industrial grade, compact and durable OmniSwitch 6865 Gigabit Ethernet LAN access switch can meet the growing demand for IOT equipment connection in harsh environments. These application scenarios include: transportation and traffic control systems, power facilities and ground installation of industrial plants. These use environments and other outdoor installation projects generally have high requirements for the installation environment, including humidity, dust and harsh temperature changes

the new OmniSwitch 9900 multi-functional chassis LAN switch can not only support the increasing network traffic, but also ensure high performance and reliability from the network edge to the core layer

because ale adopts electro-hydraulic servo control skills, Stephane robineau, executive vice president and general manager of network business department, said: mobile applications and IOT are the two main forces shaping the future digital industry. They pose new challenges to the IT department. IT department needs to consider not only enterprise employees, but also customers and visitors and how they interact with the enterprise. In addition, the IT department also needs to provide support for more departments that need to connect and use IOT devices and applications. Alcatel lucent enterprise communication IOT control technology makes full use of the automation of intelligent architecture technology, which can make the operation safer and simpler

about us

ale, with Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand, is the world's leading enterprise communication solution and service provider, with products covering many fields from office to cloud. Alcatel lucent enterprise communication has always adhered to its tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship. Headquartered near Paris, France, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication has more than 2700 employees in more than 100 countries around the world and its business is all over the world. We provide communication, networking and cloud solutions for enterprises of different sizes. Our technical experts, professional service personnel and more than 2900 partners provide services to more than 830000 enterprise customers around the world. Our solutions and services are customized and adjusted according to local requirements, and bring considerable business results by providing personalized connections for customers and end users

about interop

interop exhibition is the world's leading series of IT infrastructure exhibitions. It provides services to display emerging technologies and support in-depth training in an independent and manufacturer neutral environment. Over the past 30 years, interop has led the IT community to explore the latest progress in the field of network infrastructure and encourage collaboration and connectivity. Through irregular meetings, interop helps professionals at all levels use networks, systems and applications for business innovation. Interop exhibition and interopnet demonstration laboratory can provide immersive practical experience and establish a communication bridge between enterprise it procurement and leading suppliers. The interop show in Las Vegas is a flagship event held every spring. In addition, it will also be held every year in Tokyo and the China leg of the global cloud computing conference in Shanghai

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