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Al fresco wine company launched tulipak packaging

this summer, al fresco wine company in the UK launched a new wine packaging, which is called tulipak. It is a hygienic, biodegradable and shatterproof plastic wine glass. The mouth of the glass is heat sealed with foil paper, with a capacity of 6.3 ounces. The wine in the glass is produced from Salena winery in South Australia, and the varieties are Chardonnay, Shiraz and over dried peach wine, The brand name of the product is trencherman

according to al fresco wine company, the company invested 500000 pounds (about US $1 million) to break through the technical bottleneck and limitations of this new product. At present, the market price of two cups of foil sealed wine is £ 7. In the UK, cars with new materials and new processes are popular in the market. They can be purchased in supermarkets and selected sports venues in the UK

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