Alcohol soluble ink is unstoppable

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Alcohol soluble ink is unstoppable

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the market of plastic gravure printing ink continues to rise. At present, in the printing of plastic film in China, gravure printing has incomparable originality compared with other printing. It is very popular in the industry and is generally optimistic about the development prospect of plastic gravure printing ink. Gravure printing ink is widely used in the plastic packaging industry (such as plastic packaging for food, medicine, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, feed, agricultural products, daily necessities, etc., which almost includes the packaging of various industries and is one of the products most widely penetrated into human life), especially in food packaging. The food shelves in major shopping malls and supermarkets have bright colors, novel packaging A wide range of foods are packaged in plastic intaglio printing). In today's highly developed market economy, the competition in various industries is becoming increasingly fierce. To improve the competitiveness of products, we should not only reduce production costs and improve product quality; Product performance, efforts to improve the exquisite degree of product packaging is also very important, and ink plays an important role here. With the emergence of "green food and green products", in order to meet the needs of social development, major printing enterprises are also studying and starting the "green project" to try to reduce the pollution and damage to the environment, which will inevitably require the use of "green packaging and green printing materials". In Europe and the United States, this development has become a trend. In Asia, such as South Korea and Singapore, the traditional toluene ink is being phased out and will soon be replaced by alcohol soluble ink. Alcohol soluble ink takes edible ethanol (alcohol) as the main solvent, which caters to the current development trend

Sichuan Xinjin Tuozhan Ink Co., Ltd. develops, develops and uses independent intellectual property rights to produce new environmental protection alcohol soluble plastic gravure printing ink. With edible alcohol as solvent, this product is safe, non-toxic, environmental friendly and hygienic. It is an ideal substitute for traditional plastic ink. Its cost is moderate and% lower than that of alcohol soluble ink used in Europe and the United States at this stage. It fills the gap that alcohol soluble ink can be widely used at home and abroad. It is in a leading position in the market and has a strong competitive advantage

market demand. In recent years, the domestic plastic packaging industry has changed with each passing day, and the consumption of ink has increased significantly year by year. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for packaging ink is bound to further increase. In 2005, the total number of printing enterprises in China will reach about 106000. The ink consumption is estimated according to the growth rate of 17.5% of the number of printing enterprises. In 2005, China's ink consumption was close to 300000 tons because of 285100 tons. At present, China has a quarter of the world's population, while China's total ink production is less than one tenth of the world's total production, the per capita consumption of ink is less than one twenty fourth of the world's top three average levels, and the per capita consumption of printed matter is less than one twentieth of that of developed countries. Such a big gap just shows that China has broad development space and great market development potential. Most of the starting components of plastic gravure printing inks used in China's current market contain organic solvents (benzene, ketone, ester and other organic solvents) that are toxic and harmful to people: polluting and damaging the environment. Because these solvents are ancillary products of petrochemical products, with the sharp rise of international oil prices in recent years, the selling prices of these solvents have increased by 80% - 200% respectively with different types, As a result, the comprehensive production cost of the plastic packaging industry has increased by 20% - 30%, resulting in the whole plastic packaging industry from the past high profit lubrication to the edge of loss. How to reduce the production cost on the premise of ensuring the product quality has become the key lesson in the life and death of plastic packaging enterprises

the solvent used in the new plastic gravure printing ink is alcohol, which is the product of grain fermentation and a renewable product. Over the years, the price of alcohol in China has hardly changed. At present, the price of alcohol is cheaper than the cheapest benzene solvent among the above organic solvents. According to our small batch trial of the new ink in several enterprises, the use of the new alcohol soluble ink fully ensures the quality of the printed matter without changing the customer's original production equipment and production process, and reduces the use cost of the new ink by about 30% compared with the original. Therefore, the market competitiveness of the new alcohol soluble ink is very strong and the market prospect is very broad

environmental protection requirements. As mentioned earlier, the solvents used in the plastic gravure printing ink on the market are mixed organic solvents of benzene, ketone and ester, which are toxic and harmful organic solvents. Benzene solvents, in particular, cause serious damage to human blood leukocytes. Long term exposure can also accumulate latent in human liver, leading to liver diseases (there are a large number of relevant reports in China). If discharged into the atmosphere, it will destroy the protective layer of the atmosphere - ozone layer. These toxic and harmful organic solvents are volatilized and directly discharged into the atmosphere without any treatment, resulting in serious pollution and damage to the environment. According to the rough rules of relevant departments, it is deleted from S. it is slightly estimated that the total amount of organic solvents directly discharged into the atmosphere by various industries in China throughout the year has reached nearly 10 million tons. Mongolia attaches great importance to the development of good neighborly and friendly cooperation between Mongolia and China, which poses a severe threat and challenge to human survival. Taking the plastic printing industry in a certain region as an example, according to the survey, 150 plastic printing enterprises discharge nearly tens of thousands of tons of organic solvents into the atmosphere every year, and the pollution is shocking. European and American developed countries have strict legislative restrictions on this, but China is still blank in this regard. However, with the continuous enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the continuous improvement of environmental protection regulations, the continuous improvement of environmental protection detection means and the continuous escalation of environmental storm, the situation of turning a blind eye to this will no longer exist. Moreover, the residual phenomenon of organic solvents in plastic packaging has attracted attention. China's food packaged with plastic can not be sold abroad in large quantities. One of the important reasons is that the residual solvents in the packaging exceed the standard and are rejected. Alcohol is non-toxic and safe. If it is not drunk excessively, it will not cause great damage to human body. Therefore, it is regarded as an environmental friendly solvent second only to water at home and abroad. Therefore, it is a historical necessity for the development of science and technology and society to replace the traditional solvent ink with a new alcohol soluble ink. The successful launch of this product is bound to be highly valued and strongly supported by the whole industry at home and abroad and the government, and will soon be widely used in the market. The wide use of alcohol soluble ink in the market will make a great contribution to the ecological environment of our country and all mankind

in the trial process of alcohol soluble plastic gravure composite ink, from the boss of the enterprise to the production workers, they have a sincere love for this wine overflowing ink

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