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Ale launches a new opentouch SME suite enhanced version

Alcatel lucent enterprise communication promotes enhanced communication functions for SMEs and brings more revenue generating opportunities to business partners

ctiforum February 18 news (Li Wenjie): today's small and medium-sized enterprises hope to promote business growth with the help of advanced communication technology and improve customer satisfaction through the use of intelligent office. The enhanced communication function of Alcatel Lucent opentouch SME suite enables business partners to provide the most concise communication tools for SMEs, so as to create a personalized Internet experience

as part of the newly launched partner value program (v4p), ale takes Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand and works with business partners to explore how to better serve small and medium-sized enterprises. Open Bayer materials technology works closely with industry partners. Touch SME suite is based on Alcatel Lucent omnipcx office rce R10 2's rich functions are the core, and there is no oil outflow from the oil return valve. It provides end-to-end integrated communication services, and enhances the following functions:

more concise unified communication service

extended mobility and byod solution

simplified ordering process

Alcatel Lucent opentouch conversation (otcv) mobile client software application, as part of the enhanced version of omnipcx office rce, Employees can use the same convenient communication and collaboration services outside the enterprise as in the office, so as to respond to conversation calls inside and outside the company more quickly

the new otcv application can also provide opentouch contactless call switching on Android smart. With the help of near field communication (NFC) technology, opentouch contactless call switching can enable employees to seamlessly switch calls between personal, corporate mobile terminals or any office desktop phones. Otcv application can be used not only for iPhone and Android, but also for E911 emergency service in the United States

for users of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing perfect service is still an important way to create customer satisfaction. Alcatel lucent 8001 desktop phone provides customers with advanced SIP Phone functions at an affordable price. Telecommuting employees or office workers carry out in-depth technology marketing, quality marketing and service marketing. Workers can use Alcatel lucent IP desktop software on personal computers, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and intelligence to obtain multimedia and fully integrated application communication services

the new version of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication hotel industry solution allows business partners to provide more outstanding solutions for 2-star and 3-star hotels. Generally, such hotels have higher requirements for cost performance, are more sensitive to price, and the demand for hotel capacity is generally about 200 users

another enhanced function is SMB sales assistant for small and medium-sized enterprises. This function enables the sales partners of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication to communicate with customers through online or tablet computers, optimize the sales quotation process and increase sales opportunities. The new e-commerce query tool is synchronized with the product catalog and ordering process, so that business partners can interact with customers more easily and master customer needs in time

Damien delard, head of ale SME business department: the new opentouch SME suite and its enhanced communication function provide advanced communication functions for small and medium-sized enterprises, so that they can obtain many business benefits from unified communication and mobility services. Thus, the business partners of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication can also better meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to seek communication functions that are easier to deploy, operate and maintain in the process of business development

about ale

as the world's leading enterprise communication solution and service provider, ale takes Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand, adheres to the core development concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, and provides a full range of products from enterprise self construction to cloud deployment. At present, we have more than 2700 employees all over the world, covering more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in the suburbs of Paris, France

we have a global support team composed of technical experts, professional service personnel and more than 2900 partners, serving more than 800000 enterprise customers all over the world. Through our voice communication, data networking and cloud solutions, we can provide customized solutions and services for various global market segments and industries to meet the unique needs of enterprises of all sizes. We are committed to creating personalized Internet experience and bringing tangible business results and value to customers and end users

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