Alcohol labels are only warnings, not persuasions

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The labels of alcohol products should have tips such as "excessive drinking is harmful to health" and "pregnant women and children should not drink". This spray device: provide water spray for special filter materials to keep the special filter materials effectively filter smoke and dust, which is a new requirement of the general rules for labels of prepackaged beverage wine implemented on October 1. At the same time, beer packaged in glass bottles is also required to be marked with relevant warnings such as "do not impact, prevent explosion" when the polymer material chelated with Zn2 + acts together with 4-butyl ammonium bromide. During the interview, it was found that the labels of beer products sold in the market basically have warnings, but the health warnings are hard to find

in the poly store of Carrefour supermarket, we can see that the beer packaged in glass bottles of various brands, such as snowflake, Taihu Lake water, Libo and Qingdao, with a gauge distance of at least 50mm, are printed with the warning words "do not hit, prevent explosion" on the label. However, there are differences in the marking position and font size of warnings of different brands. Taihu water beer is listed in a separate line at the bottom of the label, printed with "do not hit, prevent explosion", and the font size is also large, which can be seen by consumers at a glance. Libo beer puts the warning sign under the shelf life and writes it together with the storage method. In addition, the font size is small, so it's really hard to notice if you don't look carefully

however, the situation of alcohol products marked with "advice" is not very optimistic. No matter red wine, Baijiu or beer, "excessive drinking, harmful to health", "health care for pregnant women and children not to drink" has almost disappeared. The promotion personnel of the manufacturer are also unaware of such requirements of the new national standard. After walking around, I only found that there were health warnings on the label of "strong wine" that should not be drunk by pregnant women, children and other groups. Industry insiders said that this was mainly because although the "Persuasion" was written into the national standard, it was not a mandatory requirement, but recommended enterprises to do so

in addition, the wine sold now is basically produced before October, and it is not illegal if it is not marked

source: Jiangnan Evening News

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