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Aisun launched the special player for digital electronic billboards ops885

Axiomtek Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd., which meets the IPSS and OPS specifications, and grandly launched the industry-leading special player for digital electronic billboards ops885, which meets the Intel intelligent pluggable system specifications (IPSS) and Intel open pluggable specifications (OPS), and is equipped with the fourth generation intelcore i5 central processor (Haswell platform), The qm87 high-speed chipset, built-in Mobile Intel's development process from imitation to independent renovation, provides excellent drawing processing efficiency and resolution up to 4K, supports Intel Active Management Technology (AMT 9.0), provides convenient and timely remote control management, and effectively reduces maintenance costs. This advanced digital billboard player also supports Intel retail client manager (Intel RCM) software, integrates the CMS content of easy-to-use digital billboards, and provides data analysis, security and other features. Ops885 complies with the IPSS solution specification, provides all-round solutions for digital electronic billboard operators, saves development time and shortens the listing time. It has also won the recognition of the 22nd Taiwan boutique award in 2014. It has become the most ideal choice for shopping centers, companies, schools, medical institutions, religious organizations, banks, transportation, retail stores, restaurants, art performance centers and other applications requiring multi screen display functions

Wang Youren, product associate of digital advertising product planning department of Aixun product planning office, said: Nowadays, the wide application of digital electronic billboards can be seen in shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, stations, medical hospitals, schools and other places. According to Nielsen's latest market survey for consumers, the use of digital electronic billboard platform can not only increase brand awareness by 14%, More importantly, increase the sales figure by 33%. In view of this, Aixun has worked closely with Intel to develop the most advanced digital electronic billboard solution. The latest ops885 is compatible with Intel IPSS (Intelligent pluggable system specification) architecture, providing a comprehensive solution for the digital electronic billboard industry, effectively simplifying the design, deployment and management of digital electronic billboards

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aisun ops885 is an excellent platform to effectively manage and play visual and audio content and provide information, entertainment and other contents for visitors. It is only 20 x 11.9 x 3 cm in body size. It is suitable for all kinds of digital electronic billboard applications. It can be easily installed even in a space limited environment, which is convenient for development, installation, management, maintenance and upgrading. In addition, the digital electronic billboard module supports a set of up to 8 GB ddr3l SO-DIMM 1600 socket memory. In addition, it is equipped with 1 group of msata storage interfaces and 2 groups of PCI Express mini card slots, which are used to enhance the graphics video card; In addition, you can choose a set of fixed rotating wireless network antennas. In 2020, 5g network of 802.11 B/g/N Wireless Bureau will be officially commercial area network (wireless LAN)/3G mobile/GPRS mobile/FM FM broadcast/AV capture card and more interfaces, so as to easily fly in a convenient and zero time difference network world

this intelligent pluggable module is connected to the OPS standard display through the standard Jae tx-25 plug port, and supports high-quality HDMI, DisplayPort display, UART, high-speed USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 signal ports and other output/input interfaces; Ops885 is also equipped with a group of 10/100/1000Mbps local network ports, a group of RS-232 ports, a group of HDMI ports and two groups of usb3 on the front panel Multiple ports such as 0 port and 1 group of USB 2.0 port are selected to achieve fast and efficient data operation and transmission effect

aisun's new digital electronic billboard player ops885 has begun to provide shipping services

in line with IPSS and OPS specifications, special player for digital electronic billboard ops885 main product features

in line with Intel IPSS (Intelligent pluggable system specification) architecture

compatible with OPS (open pluggable specification) architecture

support the 4th generation Intel Core i5 central processor (Haswell platform)

built-in Mobile Intel qm87 high-speed chipset

support Intel Active Management Technology (AMT 9.0), For remote control and management

support Intel retail client manager (Intel RCM) software

support a group of up to 8 GB ddr3l SO-DIMM 1600 socket memory

equipped with 2 groups of high-speed USB 3.0 ports and 2 groups of PCI Express mini card expansion sockets

optional 802.11 B/g/N wireless local area network

support HDMI interface of the second group of displays

body size: 20 cm wide x 11.9 cm deep x 3 cm high, The weight is about 1kg

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