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Aitu waterproof and anti-corrosion Co., Ltd. has developed an alternative to epoxy resin anti-corrosion materials

ATO super ceramic epoxy resin anti-corrosion material and repair agent, developed by aitu waterproof and anti-corrosion Co., Ltd. in Korea, as a new polymer material, has become an alternative to traditional epoxy resin anti-corrosion materials. After the synthesis of this series of products, the material composition itself will not decompose, the physical properties remain unchanged and the chemical properties are stable

compared with other epoxy resin anti-corrosion materials, the coating has the following distinctive characteristics: the coating is mainly a two-component coating, which is gradually cured by heating after mixing the basic agent and curing agent, and soon the film molecules are closely combined to form a semi permanent protective layer. The designed theoretical service life is 30 ~ 50 years; The film-forming material of the coating is mainly composed of inorganic silicate and a small amount of copolymer resin. The adhesive force is strong. The coating can firmly adhere to a variety of substrates such as metal and concrete (adhesion 160 ~ 222kgf/cm2). After film-forming, the surface is as bright as enamel (hardness hrr112), and a variety of colors can be selected; Tungsten (W), molybdenum (MO) and other ultra-fine metal powders (purity 99.99%, fineness 325mash) are added to the film, which not only strengthens the strength of the film, but also does not produce sintering, gives full play to the fluidity and adhesion, and has high temperature resistance, aging resistance, strong corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

in particular, it has the construction characteristics of thin coating thickness (average 200) and curable in water. The construction is simple and easy, which is conducive to the on-site joint coating process of the pipeline. It can also carry out leak stoppage and repair in the on-line pressure state (with appropriate process cooperation) in the water, oil and air leakage parts, and select the corresponding COM port. After curing, it can withstand water pressure (200kgf/cm2). In addition, the insulation performance and cathodic stripping resistance of the epoxy resin anti-corrosion material make it suitable for the protection of buried metal structures, and its characteristics of effectively preventing fish and shellfish erosion can also be applied to marine facilities

the solid content of the main varieties of the coating can reach 95 ~ 98.5%, and the volatile high-end error + 0.9% is small. It is non-toxic and harmless (excluding t.b.t) according to the detection of the Ministry of health, which meets the international environmental protection requirements

according to experts from different industry associations who pay special attention to the effective stroke of the electronic tensile machine and the tensile range of the sample fixture, its main uses include: first, the marine environment: the anti-corrosion and anti ultraviolet coating of ships, gates, wharf steel piles, piers (which can be painted before ramming), offshore oil platforms, conduits, derricks and offshore lighthouses; The second is the industrial environment: the third is the anti-corrosion of pipes, tanks and pools of various chemical media, as well as factory walls and floors; Soil environment: epoxy resin anti-corrosion materials for buried oil pipes and storage tanks to prevent moisture; Fourth, concrete: waterproof and anti-corrosion of roads, bridges and buildings; Fifth, others: the wear of various pumps, valves and other electromechanical components, as well as the repair of damaged pipes and radiators

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