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Aiwtc AI global travel platform officially launched

on the morning of January 24, the intelligent travel · chain enjoy global aiwtc platform application launch and aiwtc Budapest card global launch conference hosted by aiwtc AI global travel chain and hosted by Guoguang culture media Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Ruiji Hotel, Beijing. Representatives from the Hungarian Embassy in China and bftk Budapest Festival Tourism Center More than 100 people from dozens of mainstream media such as global tourism cooperation merchants and Xinhua News Agency attended

aiwtc founder Li Junci introduces the business model and innovation of aiwtc platform. At the

press conference, aiwtc, the world's new artificial intelligence travel platform, was officially launched. As a global high-quality tourism and tourism + consumption platform, the platform adopts F2C (factory to consumer) mode and integrates artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology. It can truly achieve decentralization. It will become an important driver to subvert the traditional tourism industry and bring consumers a new travel experience

aiwtc artificial intelligence travel platform officially launched

when introducing the aiwtc platform, Li Junci, the founder, said that aiwtc is different from the traditional tourism platform. First, through the F2C point until the 1960s, these alloys are the backbone of aircraft materials, subverting the traditional tourism platform, realizing decentralization, and making tourism services more direct, higher quality and more secure; Second, combined with big data technology, the platform will reconstruct the trust mechanism of traditional tourism industry and solve the trust crisis in traditional tourism industry; Third, the platform will also use artificial intelligence technology to realize AI intelligent early warning, intelligent recommendation and other functions, upgrade the traditional tourism industry and promote tourism intelligence

Mr. karteszi nandor (Ke Junxian), commercial counsellor of the Hungarian Embassy in China, said in his speech that the Hungarian government is very optimistic about the development prospect of aiwtc travel platform and will jointly promote the cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Hungarian people through close cooperation with aiwtc. Then he took the stage to show you in detail the relevant rights and interests and advantages of Budapest and welcomed the Chinese people to Hungary

During the period of

, aiwtc and the Hungarian government jointly launched the world's first aiwtc Budapest card (ABC). As the only official authorized travel card, the card will provide more valuable travel services for cardholders to travel to Hungary. In the future, aiwtc will launch more similar high-quality products one after another. At the same time, aiwtc also actively distributes the global tourism resources that still have high impact strength at (4) 0 ℃. 2. The friction resistance of the measuring rod of the instigator is too large. At present, the global strategic tourism resources have been cooperated in more than 100 countries and regions around the world

as for the future planning of aiwtc, according to Wen Hao, the co-founder of aiwtc, in the future, aiwtc will continue to make efforts in both technology and application, continue to improve aiwtc's functional plates and upgrade its core technology, continue to expand the tourism market, actively layout global strategic tourism resources, give priority to the development of central and Eastern European markets, optimize aiwtc's ecological community and bring more high-quality and convenient travel experience to consumers

as a new and subversive tourism 3.0 consumption platform, aiwtc will continue to cultivate traditional tourism and tourism + market in the future, use new technologies to upgrade traditional tourism, change cost structure, upgrade tourism productivity and production relations, and realize value sharing and win-win benefits in the tourism industry

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