China's energy development is moving towards clean

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China's energy development is moving towards cleaner

optimizing the energy structure and realizing clean and low-carbon development is not only the essential requirement of promoting the energy revolution, but also the urgent need for China's economic and social transformation and development to use lighter parts and advanced materials in production

"in recent years, China has vigorously promoted the energy revolution and transformation, a green and diversified energy supply system is being established, and positive progress has been made in clean and low-carbon energy consumption." Nur, director of the National Energy Administration ˙ Bai Keli said at the "2017 energy transformation high level forum" a few days ago

in order to further improve the clean and efficient development level of China's coal power industry, the national energy administration, together with relevant departments, formulated plans to vigorously promote ultra-low emission and energy-saving transformation of coal power. Especially in the past two years, this work has been further accelerated and expanded. By the end of last year, China had completed 450 million kilowatts of ultra-low emission transformation and 460 million kilowatts of energy-saving transformation, accounting for 77% of the ultra-low emission transformation target and 73% of the energy-saving transformation target by 2020

in view of the prevention and control of air pollution generally concerned by the people, China has implemented electric energy instead of bulk coal and fuel oil in the fields of residential heating and production and manufacturing by promoting or piloting electric heating and industrial electric boilers; Fully implement the construction and transformation of power distribution; Accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. By the end of April this year, a total of 171000 public charging piles had been built in China

in terms of clean and efficient utilization of coal, China has strengthened the promotion of clean utilization of coal in the whole life cycle and industrial chain in the fields of coal products, such as the quality of commissioning of Xinjiang Cathay Pacific Xinhua coal chemical project, coal-fired power generation, coal chemical industry, coal-fired boilers, graded and qualitative utilization of coal, civil loose coal treatment, waste resource utilization and so on, and continued to promote the reform of coal production and utilization mode

in recent years, China's energy consumption structure has been continuously optimized. The proportion of clean energy consumption continued to increase, the proportion of coal consumption continued to decline, and the installed capacity of renewable energy increased rapidly. Renewable energy has entered the stage of large-scale development

by the end of 2016, the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in China will reach 570 million KW, accounting for about 35% of the total installed capacity of electricity. The utilization of non fossil energy accounted for 13.3% of the total primary energy consumption, an increase of 3.9 percentage points over 2010, and the annual utilization of all renewable energy reached 550 million tons of standard coal

at the same time, China has gradually moved from a large country in renewable energy utilization to a strong country in renewable energy technology industry, and the level of technical equipment has been significantly improved. The whole wind power industry chain has been basically localized, and the conversion efficiency of new photovoltaic cell technology has been continuously improved. While continuously promoting the scale growth of renewable energy, it is also committed to exploring the innovation of renewable energy industry. Implement photovoltaic poverty alleviation through "photovoltaic +" projects such as photovoltaic agriculture and photovoltaic fishery

green, low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the trend of the times. Optimizing the energy structure and developing renewable energy have become the consensus of all walks of life. The 2017 edition of world and China Energy Outlook 2050 recently released by China Petroleum Economic and Technological Research Institute said that China's primary energy consumption structure presents the characteristics of clean and low-carbon, and then drives to the single cooked village. By 2030, clean energy such as natural gas and non fossil energy will become the main body of new energy

experts pointed out that

energy transformation is a long-term process, and some deep-seated contradictions and problems still need to be solved to achieve the goal of a clean and low-carbon modern energy system. The next step is to adhere to green and low-carbon, and strive to promote the transformation of clean and efficient utilization of coal and complementary energy. The 13th five year plan for energy development is clear. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the proportion of non fossil energy consumption will be increased to more than 15%, and the proportion of natural gas consumption will strive to reach 10%

the National Energy Administration said that

clean and low-carbon energy will be the main body of energy supply increment during the 13th Five Year Plan period. China will continue to promote the large-scale development of non fossil energy and accelerate the utilization of natural gas. While making clean and efficient use of coal, we plan to build a number of major hydropower and nuclear power projects, steadily develop renewable energy such as wind power and solar energy, vigorously develop natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak shaving power stations, and actively promote the replacement of coal and oil with gas in civil, industrial and transportation fields

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