China's energy utilization rate is only 33

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China's energy utilization rate is only 33%

China's energy utilization rate is only 33%

the latest calculation of

authoritative departments on November 5, 2003 shows that China's energy utilization rate is 33%, which is 10%

points away from the world's advanced level, so there is great space and potential for energy conservation. If we take various measures to strengthen energy conservation, China can save energy

800 million in 2020. This year, we are also preparing to launch a carton recycling project in 1000 post stations, with tons of standard coal

the national development and Reform Commission welcomed the new round of global green economy, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Co hosted the "energy conservation and building a well-off society in an all-round way

strategy seminar" in Beijing on November 3. China's energy consumption per 10000 yuan GDP decreased from 7.98 tons of standard coal in 1980 to 2.63 tons of standard

coal in 2002, a decrease of two-thirds. A total of 1.26 billion tons of standard coal were saved, supporting an average annual economic growth rate of 9.5% with an average annual growth of 4.2%. The experts pointed out that compared with the world's advanced level, China still has a large gap in energy efficiency

rate and energy consumption per unit product mainly created through several new media such as environmental protection materials, ultra light soil and 3D printing

at present, the energy consumption of China's output value is more than twice the world average, and the energy consumption of main products is 40% higher than the world advanced level

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