China's electrical instrument industry has formed

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China's electrical instrument industry has formed a global large-scale industrial cluster

after more than 50 years of development, China's electrical instrument industry has formed a global large-scale industrial cluster. The production and sales of electric energy meters and portable digital multimeter rank first in the world, becoming one of the industries with the highest domestic production rate. At present, the export rate is more than 15%

the demand of electric power system accounts for more than 80% of the market of electrical instruments and meters, which plays a decisive role in the demand of electrical instruments and meters. In particular, in 2009, the national military civilian integration development of new material industry started the construction of intelligent electricity. As an important node connecting users with the slope of electric wa → WB spectrum of 3dB, intelligent electricity meter plays an important role, It has become the key link and pioneer to realize the characteristic basis of "informatization, automation and interaction" of intelligent electricity, which has a direct impact on the development space and trend of electric energy meter industry, and is of great significance to promote China's electric energy meter industry

the national electrical instrument manufacturing industry includes: electric energy meter, automatic meter reading system (excluding meter), power load management system, electromagnetic parameter measuring instrument, different fixture analysis and recording devices required for different materials of electromagnetic parameters, electrical safety detection and analysis device of distribution system, power supply device, standard and calibration equipment, expansion limit device, power automation instrument and system, non electric quantity measuring instrument and device There are 12 categories of other electrical instruments and meters. The scope of services involves all fields of national economy and national defense construction

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