China's electronic measuring instruments urgently

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China's electronic measuring instruments urgently need to narrow the gap between domestic and foreign

China's electronic measuring instruments are now in the second development opportunity since the founding of new China. The first development opportunity occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. Among the 156 major projects determined in the early days of the founding of new China, 12 were electronic measuring instrument projects, accounting for 7.7% of the total projects. In a few short years, 11 electronic measuring instrument factories and 1 electronic measuring instrument research institute were built, which basically met the needs of national defense equipment and national defense industry for electronic measuring instruments at that time. The emergence of the second development opportunity mainly comes from the development of China's economy. After nearly 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy needs to be renovated in the next generation. At present, there are two changes: one is that the industry should be upgraded, and the other is that the industry should innovate independently. An industry needs electronic measuring instruments to complete the selection of raw materials, monitoring of production process, product testing and industry operation. Therefore, electronic measuring instruments shoulder the historical mission of upgrading other industries and independent innovation

continuously meet the demand for high-end instruments. There are two ways to meet the demand of domestic enterprises for high-end electronic measuring instruments: one is to buy them from abroad and the other is to provide them at home

for a large socialist country like China, buying from abroad cannot be completely achieved. Some countries expressly stipulate that ×× The export of products to China requires the approval of the government of that country. If the test rate of integrated circuit tester is higher than 333mhz, it will not be sold to China; Moreover, the world economic globalization has not broken the political pluralism. Politics is still a gap, and sometimes economic globalization can not cross the gap of political pluralism

secondly, electronic measuring instruments are multi-core technology industries, and it is impossible for developed countries to transfer core technologies, especially multi-core technologies, to China. The main body of international competition in the 21st century is the competition of strategic industries of large countries. First, globalization, the development of China's plastic machinery is attracting special attention all over the world. Against the background, there are still national interests and national security issues. As a rising power that cannot rely on developed countries, China's key technologies and basic science and technology must be relatively independent, and developed countries cannot transfer core technologies to us. Second, the issue of enterprises and industrial dominance in the middle of industrial internationalization. China can not always live at the end of the international industrial chain and give the high-end to developed countries

moreover, electronic measuring instruments are "relevant strategic industries". For China, strategic industries must develop independently. Replacing "open innovation" with "independent innovation" is a key step for the country to establish a correct industrial development strategy. Strategic industries are built on the basis of breakthroughs in science and technology, with high risks and benefits. Experimental method of adhesive tensile bond strength: developing strategic industries can promote national technological innovation ability, which is the core interests of the country. Developing strategic industries can create long-term dynamic comparative interests and pull countless industrial chains. In short, as a politically independent world power, China must take two paths at the same time: follow the law of market economy to upgrade the current labor-intensive industries; Use national strength to support strategic industries with independent intellectual property rights. These are two parallel paths

electronic measuring instruments have unique associated strategic industries. Their own development has a very obvious impact on the development of the whole national economy, especially the electronic information industry. Therefore, developing high-end electronic measuring instruments independently is the correct choice for countries and enterprises

In recent years, China's electronic instrument industry has made great progress, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign measurement manufacturers The popularity of digital electronic measuring instruments needs to be improved. The "Digital Age" has come. The "Digital Age" is the latest symbol of social and economic modernization, which is related to the level of a country's "core competitiveness" in the field of science and technology. If we do not pay enough attention to it, a country will lose its leading position in technology

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