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The scale market of China's embedded software industry is huge

editor's note: with the strong demand, the progress of technology and the maturity of the market, embedded design and application have become the only way for industrial modernization and intelligence. The integration trend between the embedded software industry and the traditional and emerging industries in the digital era has been further strengthened

embedded software has been widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as network and communication equipment, consumer electronics, digital household appliances, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial control, office automation, financial electronics, military, aerospace and so on. The industrial scale of embedded software in China has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Facing such a huge future market, both IT giants and small companies have positioned the future market development in the embedded field. Although the market prospect of embedded software is broad, market participants also need to develop corresponding products according to the needs of the market. In addition, software developers also need to use effective tools to help them improve their profit margin in price setting, product installation and parts management

in fact, a key trend in the embedded product market is to separate software and hardware. Therefore, embedded system manufacturers can increase software revenue by adding additional functions. In this way, manufacturers can create new value and optimize revenue by setting prices and selling software and functions separately. Software is usually the key component of embedded system. However, many embedded product suppliers are faced with the problem of how to establish software value. In many cases, the essential value of software exceeds the value of simple hardware. By realizing specific functions to build incremental value, embedded product suppliers can realize more revenue through the software on their devices. When embedded system suppliers turn to software centric strategy, authorization management, function management and authorization compliance become increasingly important

sentinel RMSE launched by SafeNet is the only functional control and licensing solution designed for embedded systems in the industry. Sentinel RMSE enables embedded system manufacturers to improve profit margins by setting prices, product packaging and management software. Sentinel RMSE can also support multiple licenses in a single product, reducing operating costs. In order to realize automatic license management, RMSE can easily integrate with order entry system and customer service system. Mr. Chen Hong, President of SafeNet Asia Pacific, said: "the separation of software and hardware is an increasingly obvious trend in the embedded market. SafeNet experts, unique licenses and embedded systems will well assist embedded manufacturers to take advantage of this new business model and obtain new value."

sentinel RMSE is specially developed for embedded system manufacturers to obtain the same license revenue as software manufacturers. Due to the effectiveness of the architecture within sentinel RMS products, SafeNet can optimize the license for embedded manufacturers or self manage according to the. Embedded systems often run on non-standard platforms, with very small memory and strict performance requirements. RMSE has incorporated these factors into the design idea

RMSE can help developers implement authorization management to control and understand developers' intellectual property rights. By effectively managing product configuration and providing flexible packaging forms and price options, embedded system developers can introduce business models that meet market needs. RMSE allows system developers to separate routine maintenance updates from the delivery of new functions

RMSE allows customers to easily and automatically purchase advanced features and new functions. These functions can be enabled through electronic authorization rather than complex software upgrade process. Combining authorization to control function, use and plug-in configuration can also allow system developers to help customers comply with software licensing agreements. Current regulations require us to carefully track and record such authorizations. In addition, by separating routine maintenance from software functions, customers can have a clearer understanding of the actual purchase contents and their rights. By allowing customers to better manage costs, their overall satisfaction will be greatly improved

RMSE toolkit provides interfaces, tools, diagnostic tools and documents, and has an easy-to-use API, which allows system developers to quickly and simply integrate authorization management into applications, thus reducing integration time. It is easy to transplant se to non-standard LED lighting system in non-standard operating environment. With customizable licensing implementation options, suppliers can lock licensing to specific aspects of their products and other possible standard options (disks, cards, etc.). The measurement surface diameter is 20mm-100mm, and the surface support ring RMSE needs to be selected. The design allows the supplier to adjust the authorization model and terms without any software change. This enables rapid adjustment according to market conditions

with the vigorous demand, the progress of technology and the maturity of the market, embedded design and application have become the only way for industrial modernization and intelligence. The integration trend between embedded software industry and traditional and emerging industries in the digital era has been further strengthened. According to expert analysis, the embedded software industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next five years. By 2011, the scale of China's embedded software industry is expected to reach more than 400 billion yuan, becoming an important driving force for the rapid development of China's software industry

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