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China's enamel industry has penetrated into the industrial anti-corrosion coating industry

enamel enterprises are no longer synonymous with basins, cups and tea plates. Recently, it was learned that under the tide of industrial structure adjustment, many enterprises committed to innovation have already got rid of the image of traditional manufacturing industry and embarked on a new avenue of development

it was learned from relevant parties that in the past two years, the change of thinking has revitalized a traditional enamel manufacturing enterprise in Hunan, and its development in the field of industrial anti-corrosion and building material anti-corrosion has more pricing power than the original field of raw material supply

the chairman of the company told that, like all entrepreneurs, he was in high spirits when he founded the company and hoped to become the champion of the industry, but unexpectedly, he paid attention to his shortage of key minerals and made early response to the financial crisis in 1998, which exposed the weak links of the industry. The chairman went abroad and found that the foreign enamel technology had long been dissatisfied with the production of daily life utensils, but developed heat insulation and corrosion-resistant enamel technology

in order to realize the transformation of the enterprise, the enterprise quickly adjusted its product structure and switched to corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant metal base, which is coated with enamel at one time. Then, they signed a joint venture contract with a South Korean company to produce nano microcrystalline ceramics. As a result, the company has world-class scientific research and production technology, which has become the friction resistance in the second aspect and established a nano microcrystalline ceramics production plant

it is brand-new and can also improve and improve the qualified rate of products. The application of scientific research technology makes the project benefit in the year when the project is signed and the factory is built, with a steady stream of orders. The annual output is more than 2000 tons, which is exported to Southeast Asian countries, and the annual sales volume has increased by 30%

in addition, many enterprises that originally produced daily enamel also began to transform to the field of industrial anti-corrosion. A typical example is the production of special pipes. Many chemical and manufacturing factories will produce a large amount of corrosive sewage in the production process, so there are special requirements for the corrosion resistance of underground pipelines. In the past, these pipelines were mainly heavy steel, but on the one hand, the corrosion resistance range of steel is not wide, on the other hand, it will produce high cost. Combined with the corrosion resistance characteristics of metal based enamel, the production and spraying technology of nano enamel powder came into being. Just spray this special enamel powder evenly on the interior of ordinary pipes, which can provide these factories with cheap pipes with better corrosion resistance than steel

if we jump away from the competition of the enamel industry and enter the pipeline industry without mastering the enamel anti-corrosion technology, we can realize high added value by relying on the advantages of technology

another area is the combination of glaze and building materials. Learned that some traditional enamel enterprises began to develop indoor glaze painting products. Due to the warm and thick texture and bright colors of enamel spraying materials, they are used to create Chinese traditional patterns such as facial makeup, which are particularly vivid and three-dimensional. They are very suitable for moving oil paintings and other works of art onto the walls of ordinary people. The visual texture is also much higher than plane pigments. Therefore, this new type of decoration method is preferred in the field of high-end decoration. At the same time, outdoor decoration also has broad application space. This is because the external coating materials of buildings not only require the durability of color, but also need to be able to resist the erosion of acid rain and wind sand

after a rebirth, the enamel factory has got rid of the image of traditional manufacturing enterprises

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