China's electronics industry forms a process innov

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China's electronics industry forms a "process innovation alliance"

recently, Wang Dianfu, vice president of China electronics chamber of Commerce and chairman of Xinya electronic process Co., Ltd., said at the first "forum on exchange servo speed regulation system for excellent electronic universal experimental motors at the peak of China's electronic process technology innovation", "Made in China has always relied on the advantage of cheap labor to compete for the international market. The advantage of cheap labor in China's electronics industry is gradually losing its advantage of fixing test samples on the lower friction table." He pointed out that China's electronic information industry is entering a critical period of technological upgrading and structural adjustment. From January to August 2007, the domestic information industry increased. 1. The temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃), profit and investment increased; This means that China's electronic manufacturing industry is facing a situation of rapid transformation. At the meeting, leaders of competent government departments, enterprise leaders, experts and scholars looked directly at many "weaknesses" of China's electronic information industry, advocated technological innovation and independent research and development, especially increased technological innovation in electronic process, comprehensively improved the core competitiveness of China's electronic information industry, and promoted the transformation of China's electronic manufacturing industry from a big to a strong one. Finally, hundreds of electronic manufacturing enterprises jointly signed a proposal to set off an upsurge of electronic process innovation in China

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