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On October 11, five ministries and commissions jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions). Focusing on the guiding ideology of energy reform, the guiding opinions put forward three basic principles of "government guidance, enterprise participation", "innovation leading, demonstration first", "market leading and reform boosting", formulated two phased development objectives of "transition from R & D demonstration to initial commercialization" and "initial commercialization to large-scale development", and put forward "promoting R & D demonstration of energy storage technology and equipment" "Promote the application demonstration of energy storage to improve the utilization level of renewable energy", "promote the application demonstration of energy storage to improve the flexibility and stability of power system", "promote the application demonstration of energy storage to improve the intelligent level of energy consumption" and "promote the application demonstration of diversified energy storage to support energy interconnection". Finally, we formulated "strengthen organizational leadership", "improve policies and regulations", "carry out pilot demonstration" and "establish compensation mechanism" "Guiding social investment", "promoting market reform" and "consolidating the foundation of development"

The formulation and promulgation of the guiding opinions reflect that China has taken promoting the energy revolution as the central task of the current energy work, and firmly believes that energy technology is the breakthrough of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution. As an important part of smart electricity, high proportion of renewable energy, energy system and energy interconnection, energy storage plays a key role in supporting the upgrading of energy industrial structure

among the five key tasks deployed in the guidance, "promoting R & D and demonstration of energy storage technology" is the primary task, and it is also the most important task during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The task is divided into four categories according to the development stages of different types of technologies, and some core technologies and key equipment are named, which will greatly encourage and promote the R & D and manufacturing of relevant industries

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the guiding opinions pointed out that China's nanotube is like a small vertical "needle", and China's energy storage presents a good trend of diversified development: pumped storage is developing rapidly; The R & D and application of energy storage technologies such as compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, superconducting energy storage and super capacitor, lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery, sodium sulfur battery and liquid flow battery have accelerated; Some progress has also been made in heat storage, cold storage and hydrogen storage technology. This recognizes the technological development route in the past, and boldly predicts that China's energy storage technology has initially laid the foundation for industrialization on the whole. This is a setting tone for the development status of energy storage technology and equipment, which proves that China's energy storage technology has been in an important stage of transition from demonstration application to the initial stage of commercialization. It will lead to a new wave of energy industrialization and produce a number of innovative and creative manufacturing enterprises

pointed out the goal and current situation

the guiding opinions put forward four main tasks: "focus on tackling a batch of energy storage technologies and materials with key core significance", "test and demonstrate a batch of energy storage technologies and equipment with industrialization potential", "apply and promote a batch of energy storage technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights" and "improve the standards, testing and certification system of energy storage products". These four tasks correspond to four stages according to the degree of industrialization progress: basic research stage, experimental demonstration stage, application promotion stage and standard certification stage. In fact, it indirectly indicates the stage of relevant energy storage technology and equipment, so as to clarify the main tasks of this stage and have a definite goal. The main tasks and related energy storage technology and equipment corresponding to each stage are as follows:

(1) basic research: this kind of technology or equipment is still in the pre research stage. The main task is to strengthen the research of basic and common technologies, and carry out the research on energy storage principles and key materials, units, modules, systems and recovery technologies around the overall goal of low cost, long life, high safety and high energy density, Develop test analysis and Simulation of energy storage materials and devices. The key points include variable speed pumped storage technology, large-scale new compressed air energy storage technology, preparation technology of various new materials for chemical power storage, high temperature superconducting magnetic energy storage technology, phase change heat storage materials and high temperature heat storage technology, energy storage system integration technology, energy management technology, etc

(2) test demonstration: the technology of this kind of equipment has been mature, and the prototype production has been started or completed. The main task is to develop energy storage technology equipment suitable for long-term high-capacity, short-term high-capacity, distributed and high-power applications according to different application scenarios and requirements. Vigorously develop energy storage system integration and intelligent control technology to realize the coordinated and optimal operation of energy storage and modern power system. The key points include 10MW/100mwh supercritical compressed air energy storage system, 10MW/1000mj flywheel energy storage array unit, 100MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system, high-capacity new molten salt heat storage device, super capacitor power quality regulation system applied to intelligent power and distributed generation, etc

(3) application and promotion: this kind of technology or equipment has market application value and starts industrial transformation. The main task is to strengthen guidance and support, promote the combination of industry, University, research and application, and accelerate technology transformation. Encourage energy storage product manufacturers to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies and concepts to improve quality and efficiency, encourage innovative investment and financing modes to reduce costs, and encourage participation in foreign application markets to promote the improvement of domestic equipment manufacturing level. The key points include 100MW all vanadium flow battery energy storage power station, high-performance lead-carbon capacitor battery energy storage system, etc

(4) standard certification: this kind of technology and equipment has a preliminary market scale. Its main task is to establish a standard system in line with international standards, covering energy storage planning and design, equipment and test, construction and acceptance, and detection, operation and maintenance. If there are values on the counter, it will be continuously improved with the development of technology and market demand. We will improve the testing and certification standards for the performance and safety of energy storage products, establish national energy storage testing and certification institutions, and strengthen and improve the quality supervision of energy storage products throughout their life cycle. Establish and improve the recall system of nonconforming products. At present, there is no designated energy storage technology or equipment

taking flywheel energy storage as an example, its application stage still belongs to the test and demonstration category, indicating that its basic technology research and the manufacturing of core parts have been basically mature, and it can start to carry out test and demonstration in relevant application fields to verify whether the function meets the demand, whether the performance index is qualified, whether it can operate stably and reliably for a long time, and its impact on the surrounding environment for a long time. After the completion of the test demonstration, the tilt angle of the lever fulcrum end is controlled within ± 0.5 °, which initially has the value of market application and promotion. This also points out the main objectives of this stage for the flywheel energy storage R & D team, which should focus on the application and landing of products rather than blind promotion

defines safeguard measures

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of key deployed energy storage technology and R & D demonstration tasks, the guidance provides safeguard measures from platform, capital, demonstration projects and talents. Taking the Ministry of science and technology's key special project "smart electricity technology and equipment" as an example, 20 projects with 18 research tasks were launched in five technical directions in 2017, and 19 to 38 projects with 19 research tasks were launched in five technical directions in 2018. The total budget of the proposed national allocation is 463 million yuan. Among them, "Research on Key Technologies of MW advanced flywheel energy storage" is listed as the basic support technology of intelligent electricity for key support

according to the requirements of the national "13th five year plan" and the task orientation of flywheel energy storage in the guiding opinions, the flywheel energy storage research center of Tsinghua Sichuan energy interconnection Research Institute is committed to the research and industrial application of energy interconnection high-speed flywheel energy storage technology, focusing on the research and product development of large capacity flywheel energy storage frequency modulation power station, independent electric flywheel energy storage application and flywheel energy storage ups, Vigorously develop energy storage system integration and intelligent control technology to realize the coordinated and optimal operation of energy storage and modern power system

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