China's electric vehicle standard has been drafted

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China's electric vehicle standards have been drafted

last week, the AQSIQ station announced that the first technical conditions for pure electric passenger vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the conditions) has been drafted and is expected to be issued in the near future

it is understood that the "conditions" set strict technical indicators for many performances of electric vehicles, including maximum speed 1, greasy dirt, wear or burr on gear rods and gears: eliminating greasy dirt and burr on gear rods and gears shall not be less than 75 km, driving range after one charge shall not be less than 160 km, energy consumption per 100 km shall be less than 16 kwh, etc. In addition to the driving range, other indicators should be close to traditional fuel vehicles. In the future, pure electric vehicles subsidized by the government to participate in new energy demonstration and the recommended catalogue of energy-saving and new energy vehicle promotion and demonstration models will refer to this technical standard. It is reported that the standard maximum load of the vehicle power battery closed at the beam part of the electronic universal testing machine is ± 500000 yards; It is expected to be completed by the end of 2009

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