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2007 yacon technology configuration software industry case award collection

as an important software enterprise in the field of domestic industrial automation, yacon technology has ushered in the tenth year of development. In order to thank the users for their long-term support and love for us for many years, promote technical exchange and sharing, and promote the technical progress of configuration software, yacon Technology launched the activity of "I configure, I decide - 2007 collection of award-winning cases of yacon technology configuration software". We sincerely invite the distributors and end users to contribute to yacon technology in the form of a series of application examples in the past in the form of special papers

activity time:

May 8, 2007 - 200 hydraulic oil will oxidize and coking in long-time work. February 8, 2008

essay topic:

combined with industry characteristics, this paper introduces the successful cases of using Kingview series products

industry scope:

configuration technology in water treatment, power, environmental protection, petroleum, water, coal, metallurgy, heat, buildings, air conditioning and refrigeration, industrial furnaces Application in transportation and other industries

solicitation requirements:

author profile: name, date of birth, gender, affiliated unit, job title and detailed communication method (including postal code, mailing address and contact and e-mail)

reward method:

yacon technology will invite industry experts to review the contributions to ensure the fairness of the activity. The winning author will receive a certificate of honor and the following prizes:

pull-off breaking force testing machine
Hardness Tester
High pressure tester
KASON-200T Ferritic drop hammer manufacturer
Compression testing equipment 2000KN_HST testing machine grou

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