2007 waterborne wood paint ushers in spring

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2007 water based wood paint ushers in spring

2007 water based wood paint ushers in spring

March 1, 2007

water based paint generally refers to water-based wood paint. In recent ten years, water-based wood paint has increased at a rate of 9% in Europe, and the average utilization rate of water-based environmental protection paint abroad has reached 80%. However, in China, the utilization rate of waterborne wood paint in the field of interior decoration is less than 2%. The annual sales volume of the coating market is more than 70 billion yuan, and the water-based paint accounts for only about 1 billion yuan. Yue WangKun, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, predicts that waterborne wood paint will account for more than 50% in the next five to eight years

in fact, as early as many years ago, some enterprises were trying to develop and promote water-based paint:

Dufang, Germany, was the first foreign enterprise to promote water-based paint in China. Due to its high price and difficult construction, the brand failed to open up the situation

Shandong yalimei is the first enterprise to produce water-based paint in China. It entered the market in 1998 and declined in 2000

Shenzhen Chaoer is the second one. In 2003, he held high the banner of "life of leather paint", but now it has stopped

subsequently, Shenzhou, China Resources and other enterprises also began to develop water-based wood paint. China Resources benefited from its marketing experience in the battlefield for a long time, but these enterprises did not realize mass production in the real sense

although oil-based paint has always occupied a dominant position, the coating industry has never stopped paying attention to the development of water-based paint industry. In recent years, water-based paint has gradually come out of the trough, and all enterprises have made great efforts to prepare for the water-based paint project. Recently, Jiabaoli and South China University of technology jointly researched and developed waterborne wood coatings, and finally completed the mission of mass production from 2004 to the end of 2006. Jiabaoli 10000 ton water-based paint production line was put into operation, and many people in the industry believe that it will detonate the water-based paint market in 2007

bottleneck of water-based paint promotion

water-based paint has failed to replace oil-based paint and occupies an important position in the decoration market, mainly due to the following two restrictive factors:

1. It is difficult to guarantee the quality

this is a technical problem. Although waterborne wood paint has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, taking water as the diluent will no longer generate harmful substances in the dilution process, which will not affect the construction workers, construction environment and consumers. In total, various types of plastic materials are equivalent to reducing more than 15 million cars on the road. However, with the current scientific research strength of domestic enterprises, the product quality is slightly inferior to that of oil-based paint. Water-based paint is inferior to oil-based paint in product hardness, hand feel, fullness, wear resistance, yellowing resistance and aging resistance, which makes consumers and painters refuse to use water-based paint

2. The price remains high

due to the use of raw materials with good environmental protection performance, or even imported materials, the production cost of water-based wood paint increases, and the sales price is bound to be much higher than that of oil-based paint. Moreover, in the early stage, many enterprises did not have the ability to develop water-based paint and rushed to the horse, with low quality and poor market response. Many enterprises found that the input-output was not proportional and could not realize mass production, which also made the product price high and affected the market sales

many enterprises are reluctant to withdraw. They either quietly stop the research and development of water-based paint or simply withdraw from the water-based paint market. Therefore, the promotion of water-based paint is seriously hindered. It is reported that the price of water-based paint is generally more than 40% higher than that of oil-based paint, which can not be borne by many consumers and furniture enterprises

3. The market is immature

the development of Western coating industry has experienced nearly 100 years, and it has taken more than 10 years for water-based paint to replace oil-based paint. The rapid development of China's coating industry is only 20 years, and the whole market is still immature

many people in the industry don't know about water-based paint. They don't know much about it, not only in the stage of R & D and production, but also in the stage of promotion and application

as an important link to realize the coating, the construction of painters is very important. However, according to the interview, the painters' understanding of waterborne wood paint is still very superficial. Most of them think that water-based wood paint is just conceptual speculation, and the products on the market can not meet the requirements at all. For new products, they refuse, distrust the quality of products, are unwilling to learn construction technology, do not deal with substrate and other problems, and do not want to recommend them to users and consumers, which sets many obstacles to the promotion of water-based paint

although consumers want to use products that are environmentally friendly and healthy, they misunderstand the water-based paint because of the chaotic market order, the prejudice of painters and the poor quality film caused by the wrong brushing method

in addition, dealers and manufacturers attach too much importance to profits, do not take the initiative to promote water-based paint, and are more reluctant to invest in cultivating the market. Almost all the advertisements are architectural coatings, and the publicity of wood paint is very small, which makes the water-based paint unable to open the market for a long time

prospect of waterborne paint

with the guidance and cultivation of big brands and the continuous publicity and introduction of the media. The state has also vigorously advocated environmental protection, and consumers' awareness of environmental protection products has improved. Finally, the market of water-based paint has begun to dawn. The enterprises led by garberry began to make gratifying achievements one after another in the R & D and promotion of water-based paint. The process and performance of water-based wood paint are becoming more and more stable. The number of manufacturers developing and selling water-based wood paint is increasing, and the market sales situation is good. In addition, the promotion of national macro policies on the water-based paint industry has prompted more enterprises to pay attention to the water-based paint market, which has brought a good opportunity for the development of China's water-based wood paint. Industry insiders predict that in the near future, waterborne wood paint will become the mainstream product in the market like emulsion paint

the future is bright and the road is tortuous. Enterprises involved in waterborne wood paint should be prepared to fight a protracted war. In terms of sales volume, it is impossible for water-based wood paint to achieve a huge release in a short time. Enterprises producing or interested in producing water-based wood paint should make use of the chemical properties of the latest Ingeo polymer to provide more stable processability for wire rod manufacturing, strengthen cooperation in the competition, and jointly increase the publicity and promotion of water-based wood paint, so as to make the image of safety and environmental protection of water-based wood paint deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in technology, continuously conduct in-depth research and innovate products, jointly solve the technical problems restricting the development of waterborne wood paint, and solve the bottleneck problems of products in hardness, fullness, water resistance, price, high temperature adhesion and so on

China has listed water-based paint as one of the four major varieties of paint development in the future. Macro policies have prompted more enterprises to pay attention to the water-based wood paint market, which indicates that the paint market will enter a new stage, and the prospect of water-based wood paint is beyond doubt. In 2007, water-based wood paint will enter spring

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