China's electronic label standard needs to be esta

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China's electronic label standard needs to establish

RFID (electronic tag) plays a very important role in the retail industry. It can facilitate and effectively promote the enterprise's inventory management, logistics management, information sending and receiving, as well as the tracking management of products and parts. It is understood that there are two standard camps for the application of RFID in the field of logistics. One is the uid standard system proposed by the Japanese uid center to accelerate the implementation of the most environmentally friendly and economically sustainable solutions. 352 Japanese electronic manufacturers and information enterprises support this camp. The other camp is the EPC electronic product coding standard proposed by the American EPC (electronic product code) Global Association, which is supported by technical research by IBM and Microsoft. More than 100 circulation enterprises in the United States and Europe, including Wal Mart and Tesco, are members of EPC

as for which of the two standards to choose, or whether China will develop and establish new standards, director Zhang Qi said that we will seize the opportunity to carry out effective international cooperation and cooperation in all links of the industry, and first formulate our own RFID standards. According to Director Zhang Qi, the Ministry of information industry has set up a special RFID working group to promote the establishment of RFID standards. Director Zhang stressed that the application scope of electronic labels is very wide. With the development of China's economy, the demand for electronic labels will be wider. It is precisely because of the pull of demand that the corresponding technology and software of electronic labels appear

in addition, director Zhang also explained why we must speed up the establishment of electronic label standards from the perspective of security. "Information security is very important. We should give priority to the development of electronic label technology with independent intellectual property rights. So far, there is no unified electronic label standard in the world, and China must formulate an electronic label standard in line with international standards as soon as possible." When talking about how to formulate standards, director Zhang said that the establishment of this standard must be based on self-reliance, actively integrate with international standards and realize transnational interconnection

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