China's energy consumption is 11 times higher than

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China's energy consumption is 11 times higher than that of developed countries

at the national environmental science and technology work conference after the adjustment of hardness tester held in Beijing on the 15th, Wang Yuqing, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, pointed out that China's economy is growing rapidly, but the energy consumption level of 10000 yuan GDP is times higher than that of developed countries, and the carrying capacity of resources and environment is close to the limit

Wang Yuqing said that China's extensive development has also led to increased pollution. At present, the total emission of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere is 19-20 million tons, far exceeding the standard of 12 million tons. Urban waste is close to 140 million tons per year, and the treatment rate "is only 54.2% in the past two years. The harmless treatment rate is lower, and then it is transported by special staff to the waste recycling plant for secondary production

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