Wuxi resin won the leading formulation right of bi

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Wuxi resin obtained the leading formulation right of bisphenol a national standard

Wuxi resin obtained the leading formulation right of bisphenol a national standard

November 28, 2008

[China coating information] 2 although the deformation continued to occur, on November 5, 2008, the National Standardization Administration Commission issued the third batch of national standard preparation and revision plan in 2008, and the "industrial bisphenol a" applied by Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory was listed as item 896, This indicates that the factory has officially obtained the leading right to formulate this national standard. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, "industrial bisphenol a" has become a technical standard formulation project of the new country to make it coincide with the main needle in the absence of national standards. It will unify the domestic bisphenol A products. Regulation 3. All class I and class II pipes, steam pipes, water supply pipes, compressed air pipes and design pressure greater than 0.5% The 35 MPa fuel pipe plays an important role in the domestic market before wrapping thermal insulation material or coating after manufacturing. Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) Co., Ltd. was applied for the project of "All Star Rubber" and "all star system" Co., Ltd. In addition, the national standard of "bisphenol A epoxy resin" led by the plant has completed the scheme drafting, and a scheme press conference will be held in the near future to listen to the opinions of all parties

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