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Aisli Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D, production and supply

Dongguan aisli Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It has been mainly engaged in reliability test equipment for many years, and is committed to technical research and quality improvement; We provide professional advice, perfect products and fast after-sales service to see that the aluminum wire is stretched like a line. The series of products are widely used by the major electronic, computer, home appliance, communication, chemical, scientific research, automobile, aerospace and other industries, and are widely recognized and praised

for many years, in order to support and control higher product quality, more precise manufacturing skills and advanced management and management philosophy; Therefore, in 1995, it carried out comprehensive cooperation with well-known Japanese test equipment manufacturers to continuously develop new products, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the market; And strive to reduce the manufacturing cost and give back its profits to customers, so that they can have products with high quality, reasonable price and good service, so as to achieve the purpose of win-win, and finally win the trust of customers. The cup punching experiment is to press the clamped disc-shaped sample into the specified die with a cylindrical punch

the service scope of aisli Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of: universal material testing machine, tensile pressure testing machine, vibration testing machine, drop testing machine, wire swing machine, zigzag and sudden tensile testing machine, wire elongation, earpiece line telescopic fatigue testing machine, wear resistance testing machine, drop ball impact testing machine, cold and hot impact testing chamber, programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber, precision oven, aging chamber, salt spray testing chamber, high and low temperature testing chamber UV light aging test box, waterproof test box, sand dust test box, xenon lamp climate resistance test box, air exchange aging box, high temperature aging box, steam aging box, combustion test machine, plug-in force test machine, torque test machine, notebook rotating shaft life test machine, LCD front and rear swing test machine, key life test machine, flip sliding cover test machine, touch screen click scribing test machine, soft compression test machine, carton compression test machine Rupture strength testing machine, pendulum impact, DuPont impact, electronic general testing instrument, projector, 2.5-dimensional, three-dimensional, acceleration impact testing machine, three comprehensive vibration, composite brine immersion test, undertaking various non-standard test equipment and instruments, etc

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