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On July 31, under the active organization of the Commerce Bureau of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the kingdom of Denmark, the world's top manufacturer of earphones and wearable intelligent voice and unified communication equipment, ADDA (sound of 15 national enterprise technology centers) successfully held a brand press conference of ADDA at Ascot BGC hotel in Dayi, Manila, the Philippines. The Danish ambassador, Danish business new materials industry will strive to break through a batch of advanced materials, petrochemical materials and other basic materials urgently needed in key utilization fields. Mr. Jensen, Minister of the Ministry of materials, Mr. Larsen, director of the Philippine branch of the Danish investment agency, Ms. Miyano, President of the Philippine call center industry association, and other guests attended the event with representatives of Edson's dealers, cooperative units and local call center industry in the Philippines

at the press conference, addasound of Denmark demonstrated the charm of excellent brands to the Philippine call center industry in detail through videos and speeches. Aiming at the sound driven world, addasound of Denmark provides world-class call solutions, equipped with the world's most advanced electroacoustic equipment, and provides strong support from the aspects of product design, development and testing. The target users of addasound in Denmark include different customer groups, such as office, education, mobile communication, automobile, medical care, etc. Addasound of Denmark provides these users with the world's leading technical support, including perfect noise reduction. These technologies ensure high standard sound quality and the best user experience. At the same time, the Danish addasound Nordic style design perfectly combines the inherent excellence. From products to services, the Danish addasound brand goes deep into every detail. According to the needs of customers, the Danish addasound has invested the greatest efforts in technical research and development and product design, which is perfectly in line with ergonomics, comfortable to wear for a long time, excellent performance, green and durable, Perfectly meet the higher and higher requirements of customers

has previously held many Addasound conference releases in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the mainland of China, under the guidance and support of the Danish Embassy in China and the Nanjing University of China. The Addasound has aroused strong echoes from the Chinese call center industry. This time, with the main goal of increasing varieties, improving quality and economic benefits, the first stop of Asia Pacific brand bank outside China was selected in the Philippines because the Philippines is a gathering place of international call centers. It has successfully risen in the wave of call center outsourcing and become the world's largest call center outsourcing country. It is reported that Edson of Denmark will also hold a number of wonderful brand promotion activities in Greater China and Europe

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