Aishide expands Jiading factory as a supplier of l

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Aishide expands Jiading factory liquid and powder coating supplier aishide coating system

aishide expands Jiading factory liquid and powder coating supplier aishide coating system

April 30, 2020

April 28, 2020, liquid and powder coating supplier aishide coating system laid the foundation for the expansion project of Shanghai Jiading waterborne coating factory. This is another important investment made by aishide China in environmental friendly waterborne coatings. The expanded water-based coating plant will enable aiside to better meet the growing demand for sustainable water-based coatings from automotive and industrial coating customers in East and South China. The expansion project is expected to be completed and put into operation in early 2021

according to the relevant person in charge of AI Shide, the expanded plant will produce a new generation of world-leading water-based coatings, which aims to benefit the development of the industry and environmental protection by creating excellent coating appearance, reducing energy consumption and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC). With the long-term stability of macro-economy and market and the gradual clarity of industrial policy orientation, the expansion of the factory is conducive to the industry and the future development of waterborne coatings

Wu Chunping, President of aiside coating system in Greater China

in the past few years, aiside has promoted the localization of advanced manufacturing and advanced technology through Jiading water-based coating factory, vigorously developed environment-friendly coatings represented by water-based coating production, and is committed to using low VOCs raw and auxiliary materials and applying sustainable advanced processes in Jiading factory, aiming to meet the needs of automotive and industrial customers for sustainable high-quality coatings. In this process, aishide has made many efforts, including reducing pollution, saving resources, ensuring that the risks of fire and health in the use process are minimized, contributing to the establishment and improvement of clean and civilized coating production processes and meeting energy conservation and emission reduction standards, and helping the sustainable development of Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises and Chinese coating industry

the future expansion plant will adopt the world's leading latest generation of water-based paint technology, which will help customers effectively reduce the amount of paint, greatly save the energy consumption in the coating process, and then reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC). At the same time, the expansion plant integrates the world's leading production mode and sustainable production process of aiside. Aiside Jiading plant adopts the uniquely designed feeding system, manufacturing mixing process, decentralized grinding process, filtration and filling process and highly automated production technology, which is in a leading position in the same industry at home and abroad

ASHTECH's advanced production technology greatly reduces the production energy consumption and labor intensity of manual operation if the jaw ruler is blocked, and creates a safer production environment. Taking high-speed dispersion as an example, the production capacity of lithium-ion battery diaphragm is expected to reach 2.3 billion square meters in 2015. The powder liquid dispersion and mixing system is used to replace the traditional grinding process, so that the production efficiency of separated slurry is increased by 20% ~ 70% from the government level, and the grinding energy consumption is saved by 94500 kW ∙ hr every year

more importantly, as an important production base of aiside in China, Jiading Waterborne Coating Factory integrates the best practices and advanced processes of aiside from other factories around the world, and takes full account of the actual situation in China, including its scientific industrial manufacturing design, fully enclosed automatic production line, lean on-site safety management and accurate emission control, It is also a special R & D Center for factory production, which reflects the concept of sustainable production of aiside

"with the continuous upgrading of automobile and coating industry to sustainable products, China's water-based coating market will also continue to grow." Wu Chunping, President of aiside Greater China, said, "This expansion plant will produce a new generation of the world's leading water-based coatings, which aims to create excellent coating appearance, reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) The emission will benefit the development of the industry and environmental protection. This investment will be carried out under the principle of sustainable manufacturing to ensure that the dual objectives of production efficiency and profitability are met. This will bring long-term competitive advantage to Aishi and benefit our company and customers at the same time. "

it is reported that since aiside entered the Chinese market in 1984, it has successively established liquid coating factories in Jiading, Shanghai and Changchun, Jilin, and a powder coating factory in Qingpu. The company established a waterborne plant in Jiading coating plant in March 2015. In addition, aishide has four automobile touch up paint training centers nationwide. In 2017, asid established the Asia Pacific Technology R & D center in Shanghai

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