Aisun brand new dual core industrial tablet

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Aixun brand new dual core industrial tablet computer

Aixun brand new 17 inch core 2 dual core industrial tablet computer is specialized in kiosk multimedia information station - panel

[Beijing News, December 7, 2007] Aixun Co., Ltd. (axie. Display mode: 8-segment LED nixie tube display, omtekco., Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer continuously committed to the research and development of innovative application computer platform, Design a series of fanless touch LCD tablet computers for human-machine interface solutions, and grandly launch a new high-performance industrial tablet computer panel equipped with 17 inch SXGA (1280x1024) TFTLCD LCD, equipped with Intel Core #8482; 2 dual core and core #8482; Dual core or core #8482; Single core processor, embedded Intel 945gme embedded high-speed chipset. In order to meet the trend demand of contemporary multimedia application market, this model can support s Vista operating system such as window force measuring piston belt wear and fracture, embedded two groups of speakers, dual high-speed Gigabit Ethernet port, IEEE1394a port, wireless network communication module, etc. In addition, the tablet not only has an ultra-thin and fashionable body design of 84mm, but is especially suitable for kiosk multimedia information station, public information platform, industrial control and environment with limited application space

equipped with dual core processor and powerful computing performance

when Aixun panel is equipped with Intel Core #846, the shear strength of the interface is 82; 2 dual core processor, embedded with Intel 945gme high-speed chipset, provides powerful computing performance and can handle multi task jobs at the same time. In order to meet the application requirements of interactive multimedia information station (kiosk), tablet computers need to be connected with dual displays, card readers, RFID sensors and more devices to have more powerful computing power; This Mobile Intel Core #8482; 2. The dual core tablet computer system provides the most reliable and stable quality assurance for the harsh working environment

84mm ultra-thin body design

panel with only 84mm ultra-thin body design not only effectively saves space, but also has a sense of science and technology fashion; I/O interfaces are designed under the fuselage, which is convenient and fast to maintain. It is undoubtedly the best choice for applications in limited space environment

support horn and wireless network antenna

panel is equipped with two groups of horn devices to facilitate kiosk applications to display multimedia programs; In addition, the fixed and rotatable wireless network antenna (IEEE802.11b/802.11g) can be purchased. Users only need to insert the wireless card to realize the real-time online and monitoring function of the wireless network

main product features:

■ equipped with 17 inch SXGA (1280x1024) TFTLCD liquid crystal display

■ equipped with high-level Intel Core #8482; 2 dual core processor, embedded Intel 945gme + ich7m high-speed chipset

■ the whole machine is only 84mm ultra-thin body design

■ built-in two groups of horn devices

■ optional fixed and rotatable wireless network antenna (IEEE802.11b/802.11g)

■ supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and other operating systems

■ supports a variety of installation methods: flat panel installation, bracket installation Cantilevered installation, etc.

■ the body size is 444mm wide x 82.6mm deep x 362mm high, and the weight is 9.5kg

panel supports Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. At present, delivery services have been successively started, and lead-free process (RoHS) has been fully introduced, meeting the green environmental protection requirements of rigorous process and high standard quality management; For more product information and technical support, please refer to Chinese mainland station or letter axcn@ or call local AI news branch to get exclusive and efficient service. In addition, Aixun can provide comprehensive customized services. Manufacturers interested in ODM/OEM are welcome to contact us to jointly create a brilliant future

about Aixun

in the Aixun team, we design, manufacture, and support the development of diversified products and modular application computer platforms, so that customers have a single source that is reliable and cost-effective. Aixun provides a number of products certified by CE, FCC and UL, including industrial computer platform, embedded computer platform, network storage application, got and tablet computer. Different from the embedded form of ordinary single board computers, Aixun is fully committed to developing a full range of single board computer products, including servers and computer bases, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and tower storage devices, as well as a full range of interactive tablet computers. Aixun's products are widely used in industrial automation operation, data acquisition system, DVR (digital video recorder), medical industry, banking, entertainment industry, transportation industry, POS/POI, kiosk (grocery store), HMI (humanized mechanical interface), network communication, telecommunications industry, and network storage application equipment and market. Aixun will focus on the application computer platform market and provide competitive price solutions to system integration operators and large, medium and small cap businesses. Aisun will also continue to pay attention to the importance of our sales partners and customers, tailor your business plan to meet the needs of different customers, and develop more efficient OEM/ODM solutions

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