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Aiside enhances the R & D and innovation ability of energy solution application

aiside enhances the R & D and innovation ability of energy solution application

December 28, 2018

aiside coating system, a well-known liquid and powder coating supplier (hereinafter referred to as aiside), recently announced that it will open its energy solution application laboratory in China. The laboratory is located in asid Asia Pacific Technology R & D center, which aims to help insulation paint customers choose the best products and the best impregnation process under different needs

aside is one of the global leaders in the field of manufacturing high-performance insulating paint and coating a small amount of lubricating oil. Its enameled wire paint, the characteristics of multi-point automatic transmission data collection, impregnated resin and silicon steel sheet paint provide protection and improve the performance of electrical equipment such as transformers, generators and motors. For more than 30 years, asid has cooperated with major electrical equipment manufacturers in the fields of power generation, power distribution, industrial motors, household appliances and electric tools, and drive motors of new energy vehicles in China, and supported the sustainable development of partners with a full range of innovative and environmentally responsible liquid insulation products

it is reported that the fatigue crack growth Laboratory of aiside energy solutions has introduced many advanced equipment at home and abroad, which can realize drop immersion, roll immersion, vacuum pressure immersion, electric heating, UV curing and roll coating, simulate the on-site production process and performance evaluation of customers, accelerate the application technology test, new product development and application process test of products in China and the Asia Pacific region, and further shorten the time of product certification, Comprehensively improve the overall efficiency of new products from design and development to end-user use

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