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Alcan: unlimited business opportunities in wine packaging

Alcan is a large company engaged in aluminum, packaging and aluminum recycling in Montreal, Canada. At present, the Australian wine market is booming. Alcan company plans to set up a factory in Adelaide, Australia, to produce screw corks for wine bottles. On Monday, Alcan said it would set up a packaging plant in Adelaide, Australia to get close to its customers

Mr. Boris, President and CEO of Alcan's packaging department, said that the Australian and New Zealand wine markets have provided huge business opportunities for the packaging industry. Now Alcan has been in a leading position in the field of bottle closures of wine spirits in the world. Investing in Australia will further enhance Alcan's strength

the newly built factory will produce stelvin brand screw corks with high added value, and the new factory will start production in the fourth quarter of this year. Alcan did not disclose the financial details of the investment

Alan's business scope covers 55 countries and regions around the world, with 70000 employees. After Alan announced that he would invest in Australia, its stock value in the Toronto trading center increased by 25% to 37.55 per share, which was only a little longer. 2. Protection and maintenance of the falling ball impact experimental machine


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