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Alcatel lucent launched st home connection equipment

more and more families and enterprises can achieve transmission speed comparable to optical fiber through existing cable

Alcatel lucent announced the launch of a new device for home and enterprise users, which can help operators speed up the deployment of ultra wideband access network to meet the growing demand for data transmission speed in families and workplaces

the new Alcatel lucent st home gateway is a simple plug and play CPE device. The device adopts the st standard and can use the existing line to extend the data transmission speed comparable to the optical fiber indoors without the operator sending engineers to the user's site for installation

the number of connected devices is expected to reach 50 billion to 100 billion in 20201. Therefore, users' demand for bandwidth will become unprecedented. Fiber to the home and St technology can enable operators to deliver Gigabit broadband speed to users' buildings. However, it is very difficult to maintain such a high transmission speed indoors. The traditional home network, poor WiFi bandwidth capability and line stability are restricting users from accessing the network anytime, anywhere, faster and more. This problem tends to be further complicated as more devices are connected to the home network

Alcatel Lucent's new st home networking device solves this problem. Just plug in the device, users can immediately enjoy the speed of at least 750 Mbps through the copper cable line supporting st indoors, which is about 30 times the global average speed of 27mbps2. Lou Huafen, Xie Ying, Ge Longjiang and Wang Wentao unveiled the Shandong Branch of Chinalco material utilization research institute and Chinalco high-end aluminum alloy R & D and innovation base respectively

in order to improve the indoor coverage of all connected devices, St home gateway also supports the synchronous dual band WiFi function, providing higher signal strength and 1Gbps data transmission speed, thus eliminating the cumbersome process of deploying optical fibers into the home again

as part of the full product line of Alcatel lucent UWB solutions, the new st home gateway can power an increasing number of distribution point units (DPUs) supporting st standards. Because of the integration of this reverse power supply capability, operators can connect these remote St DPUs to the power supply without having to be local

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this new 7368 ISAM CPE will protect operators from all kinds of problems caused by entering buildings and household operations:

integrates reverse power supply capability, enabling operators to reduce the cost and complexity of large-scale deployment of St, that is, select the corresponding dial and pendulum complexity

dual band Wi Fi (5GHz band of 802.11ac/n and 2.4GHz band of 802.11b/g/n) provides a bandwidth of more than 1 Gbps, which can meet the user's demand for ultra-high speed rate of all connected devices

transmission power up to 1000 MW can provide the same quality of service for indoor or outdoor areas

high speed usb3 0 interface can support the access of shared content such as music, video and pictures to the network

7368 ISAM CPE equipment can be directly deployed in the existing VDSL2 network, and there is no need to switch equipment when upgrading to st in the future

fully integrated, plug and play devices reduce installation time and cost

compatible with Alcatel Lucent's St DPU, DSL line card and St compliant DPU

adopt the same advanced home gateway technology as another home gateway 7368 ISAM g-240w-b ont of Alcatel lucent, which can provide the same level of business experience for PON and ST users

Introduction: the director of infonetics is investing heavily in the future of Gigabit broadband access technology. For regions where it is very difficult and expensive to fully deploy FTTH solutions, St home gateway is an ideal solution to quickly achieve the purpose of high-speed access. With Alcatel Lucent's new st CPE and other solutions, operators can quickly and easily fulfill their commitment to the speed of optical fiber network, so that end users can obtain the long-awaited perfect UWB experience through wireless and wired devices in home network

Federico Guill n, President of Alcatel Lucent's fixed access business department, said: Alcatel lucent is committed to helping operators deliver UWB services for connected households, regardless of their preferences and configuration requirements. By combining the latest WiFi technology with ST technology, operators can easily deliver data transmission speeds comparable to optical fiber for home users without drilling and stringing. This new CPE enables operators to help their users maximize the potential of their connected families at present and in the future in the most convenient way

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as a leading expert in IP network, UWB access and cloud technology, Alcatel lucent is committed to providing more innovative, sustainable and accessible global communication services for users, enterprises and government agencies around the world. It is our eternal mission to dare to challenge, continue to innovate and provide customers with the most reliable network services to help them create higher value


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