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Albat + wirsam software was brilliant at glasstec exhibition

energy saving, high efficiency and innovation

at glasstec international glass technology exhibition in 2008, the operation of a plastic granulator touched on an extremely wide range of fields, and LBAT + wirsam glass software was launched for the first time under Glaston

glass and modern glass deep processing software play an unprecedented important role in the severe energy crisis. Since 1977, albat + wirsam has been committed to developing special software solutions to meet the needs of the global glass deep processing industry. Now it has successfully developed a set of unique solutions, which can optimize the processing process, network production system, save raw materials and labor, be simple and efficient, speed up the product launch process, and eliminate time, transportation cost, raw materials Unnecessary waste of natural resources and manpower - save energy as much as possible

osptm: precise synchronous processing steps, cost reduction, energy saving and money saving

15 months after the merger with Glaston group, albat + wirsam has become the navigator of the unique Glaston osptm "one-stop partner" solution, further opening up new fields of glass, solar energy and processing technology. Lean software integrating perfect synchronization and network production process makes efficient and advanced mechanical equipment step in step at different levels. There are various types of glass and requirements in various periods, and albat + wirsam provides the necessary communication tools; It is applicable to the pretreatment equipment and hot processing process of tamglass and Bavelloni under Glaston, or other third-party mechanical equipment in the market

the innovation of albat + wirsam has made a qualitative leap in the whole production efficiency

since the last glasstec international glass technology exhibition, albat + wirsam has formed a huge think tank to analyze and solve the repeated problems in the glass deep processing chain. It took us two years to simplify and optimize these procedures, and constantly improve them to make them online and transparent – to achieve today's full cooperation with Glaston's brands. At the 2008 glasstec international glass technology exhibition, we will show you these technological achievements in a virtual way - simulating the future glass deep processing plant and making it a reality under the actual operation conditions of your plant

create the future of glass deep processing industry: make full use of the fully synchronous assembly line production in Glaston virtual factory, and each process is as accurate as a clock. Employees neither waste time nor energy: enter orders and production orders; Dynamically optimize the batch number, sequence and the whole repair process of Gallego in Jiaxing, China; Assemble and ship orders These work contents outline the new scene of modern glass deep processing plant. With the increasing global competition and rising energy prices, how to simplify and efficient the existing processes, so as to achieve the best "lean manufacturing" and "timely processing" is more critical than before. Every decision that affects the processing chain, no matter how small, is extremely important

albat + wirsam and Glaston: get out of the dilemma faster and more efficiently - there is no shortcut

full information barcode supports paperless and error free production; Panoramic intelligence provides fast and flexible monitoring and control of mechanical equipment; The latest generation of interactive production monitoring tools; Furnace body optimization; Optimization of special-shaped cutting; Alcim Computer Integrated Manufacturing These are only a small part of the latest energy-saving achievements of albat + wirsam. We look forward to your coming to understand a more complete scheme

glasstec international glass technology exhibition will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany on October. We look forward to your visit at C57 Glaston booth in hall 16

bilateral grinding line and drilling line controlled by a + W software: whole process sequential processing from start to stop

CNC drilling machine in on-line production environment: a + W control part can display glass sheet geometry and production data to mechanical equipment operators – identify and register glass by scanning bar code

in the laminated dust-free room, tooltv can display the parameters and structure of the currently paired glass sheet, especially the film to be used. Before the glass sheet is transferred to pre synthesis, the operator obtains the report information by scanning its bar code

alfak software of albat + wirsam is used to process technical orders: technical drawings in equal proportion to the actual, so that complex products can also ensure their "fault safety input response" mechanism

albat + wirsam production control software supports tempering process. Scan the bar code label of the glass sheet at the furnace inlet, and the tempering furnace administrator can register the complete data and status of the glass sheet

all information is provided simultaneously for the whole company, including offices and workshops - of course, the lower end of the furnace body, and the tempered glass is registered and packaged here No matter at any time or any place, everyone can know the location of each piece of glass, the production steps and when to process it with what equipment. When using a + w to produce software, the problems of missing glass sheets, missing or wrong processing steps will be gone forever

under the internal economic cycle, China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021 also put forward higher and higher requirements for the comprehensive performance and reduction effect of aluminum alloy structure. Talk with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of global epidemic and the prevention and control of domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually [details]


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