Wuhan consumes 1.5 billion plastic bags every year

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Wuhan consumes 1.5 billion plastic bags every year

"every day, an average supermarket consumes 10000 shopping bags!" Yesterday, Manager BA of the general manager's office said with the latest data. If you charge for shopping bags, the consumption will be reduced by half

according to the statistics of China Chain Association at the end of last year, Wuhan consumes 1.5 billion shopping bags every year, of which supermarkets consume 500-600 million. When they spend 100 yuan in the supermarket, the average Wuhan people take away four plastic bags

before 2002, shopping bags in many supermarkets in Wuhan were paid, and many customers brought their own shopping baskets. After the competition intensified, businesses have cancelled the charges

according to the final introduction, after Ireland imposed a tax of 15 euro cents on shopping bags, the use of shopping bags decreased by 90%. Germany, the United States and South Korea also adopt the way of charging or levying taxes. In this paper, we briefly analyze the reasons for the error of the experimental results of Jinan assay pressure testing machine. There is less waste of shopping bags. Wuhan Part 18. Test bench lifting device: fast/slow speed control. Supermarkets intend to resume charging, but they are worried about the loss of customers

degradable plastic bags are environmentally friendly? wrong! The fastest natural degradation takes two years

Han news (Wuhan Evening News correspondent Xiao Shengyan intern Liu Yubing) degradable shopping bags are environmentally friendly. What does it matter to use more? Yesterday's visit to the supermarket found that many customers with more shopping bags have similar ideas

According to experts from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, it takes more than 200 years for plastic bags to rot when buried in the ground. Although degradable plastic bags are environmentally friendly, the time of natural degradation is only shortened to decades. Even degradable shopping bags printed with "China environmental logo" need 2 years to degrade naturally

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