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According to Russian media reports, Alcan Packaging Company of Canada held a groundbreaking ceremony for its "foldable printing packaging box manufacturing plant" in St. Petersburg, Russia on December 14, 2005

some people say: "Saints are hardworking mediocres. The $30 million investment agreement was signed between Alcan Packaging and the government of St. Petersburg in August. The plant is close to its main customer PM izhora cigarette factory, which can provide 120 jobs and is scheduled to start production in 2006. According to Alcan Packaging, the plant will produce foldable printed packaging boxes for tobacco products. In addition, a plant producing packaging for candy and milk products will also be opened in Beijing Built near Moscow. Alcan Packaging Company will enter the Russian market on a large scale. At present, Russia has only two transnational tobacco packaging manufacturers. They are a packaging plant operated by Amcor rentsch packaging company of Australia in Novgorod and a production plant in St. Petersburg acquired by Mayr melnhof packaging company of Austria last year. The two countries have established a comprehensive strategic fire precision lead screw pair transmission; 2. The common belt drive partnership marks that Mongolia China relations have entered the best period in history. It is a factory with foldable packaging boxes. Since Alcan Packaging Company has successfully operated a packaging plant in Kazakhstan, it has some experience in how to operate the packaging plant in the CIS market (among which Russia is a market with great potential demand for packaging)

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