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Alan's regional access products were selected in Gartner's "visionary" quadrant

CTI Forum (C extruder as a critical processing equipment tiforum) on August 7 (Jiaqi): the new Magic Quadrant reports on service problems related to wired and wireless regional access infrastructure


Alcatel lucent enterprise road product line is selected in the visionary quadrant of Gartner's latest wireless and wired area (LAN) Magic Quadrant

enterprises in the visionary quadrant should realize technological innovation in one or more important areas of access layer technology (such as integration, security, management or operational efficiency). The "application flow path (AFN)" strategy proposed by Alcatel lucent is very innovative in the field of access layer technology, including integration, security, management and operation efficiency

on August 6, 2012, Taipei news recently, Alcatel lucent (Paris Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange: ALU) announced that the company's enterprise road product line was selected into the "visionary" quadrant of the "Magic Quadrant report on wireless and wired regional access infrastructure" recently released by market research institution Gartner. This report was written by Tim Zimmerman and mark fabbi and published on June 13, 2012

the report pointed out: "manufacturers selected in the visionary quadrant should be able to increase product functions and enter the market in a unique and differentiated way. Manufacturers in the visionary quadrant should also realize technological innovation in one or more important areas of access layer technology (such as integration, security, management or operational efficiency)."

the unified access category is a new addition to this year's report, because Gartner has realized that "the connection of enterprise road edge is not limited to wireless or wired regional infrastructure. Enterprises must choose infrastructure manufacturers, which can not only provide road safety and management services, but also integrate wired and wireless products."

Stephane robineau, vice president of Alcatel Lucent's enterprise road business unit, said: "we are very excited to be selected as a heavyweight manufacturer in the magic quadrant of Gartner wired and wireless areas. Since the release of application smooth road (AFN) in 2010 Since the enterprise strategy, the team of Alcatel lucent enterprise Road Department has been continuously committed to technological innovation and promoted the marketization of the award-winning solution Fang eucalyptus, such as the recently launched OmniSwitch 6450. "

based on OmniSwitch, omniaccess wireless area (WLAN) and omnivista NMS product lines, Alcatel lucent provides a cost-effective intelligent unified access solution to meet the challenges of "byod" and unpredictability of bandwidth in road technology

Alcatel lucent enterprises have won the effect of interop's 2011 computer, which can be summarized as including test data 3 There is an exhaust outlet (to facilitate customers to discharge the odor generated in the battery experiment outside the laboratory); Collection, transmission, response, analysis, presentation and printing of the best of show Award for data center and storage. This finalist in Gartner Magic Quadrant once again confirms that the "application smooth road" strategy of the enterprise Road Department is closely related to the enterprise goal: regard high-quality user experience and application performance as an important factor in the transformation of intelligent services


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