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The source of high quality, the foundation of success, the exhibition of SysCentreModule/superdxp products of Shengbo technology

the source of high quality of China industrial control information, the foundation of success, Sambo technology SysCentreModule/superdxp product exhibition


· high speed embedded 486dxcpu: 50 but ~ 100MHz

· built in floating point coprocessor

· on board memory: 16m

· two 16C550 equivalent high-speed serial ports

· a two-way data parallel port

· VGA display supports CRT, TFT, El and other flat panel displays

· floppy disk controller (optional)

· PC/at keyboard interface, 0.1W speaker interface

· real time clock

· on board solid state disk (SSD) socket, supporting 64k-1m byte EPROM SSD (no jumper required), 2m-288m byte read-write disk (optional)

· E2PROM reliable storage system and user configuration (without battery)

· watchdog ensures that the system does not show the typical characteristics of polymer materials adopted in spine device. Comparison of crash

· power requirements: + 5V ± 5%

· scalable working temperature: - 45 ~ 85 ℃

other related products:

SysCentreModule (system core module) is highly integrated, self stack structure IBM-PC/at compatible PC/104 CPU module. The on-board not only includes the functions of the motherboard and one or two expansion boards of general PC/at, but also extends the unique functions for embedded control. Ultra small size, single + 5V power supply and wide working temperature range make the core module of the system independent as a PC/at engine or form an ideal scheme for embedded and portable applications together with other PC/104 modules

Compared with most embedded systems, the embedded system uses a series of compact modules, which can provide a series of compact modules for embedded systems. These products have the characteristics of modularization, mechanical size standardization and facing the needs of OEM users. It provides users with a variety of extended functions and combinations, including high-resolution graphic display controller, LCD display controller interface, floppy disk drive, IDE hard disk interface, serial and parallel communication ports, can controller and so on

data acquisition modules a/D, D/A, timer/counter, digital I/O, etc; It forms a high-performance data acquisition and control system with PC/104 CPU module system. Compact structure, suitable for embedded and portable applications

communication product module is a part of SBS embedded system module. It provides a variety of extended functions and combinations for embedded applications, such as RS232/422/485 serial port communication, two-way parallel port communication, Ethernet communication of 10base-2, 10BASE-5 and 10Base-T interfaces, and full duplex fax/modem communication

SBS, a related product, wholeheartedly provides users with all-round embedded system solutions, and successfully creates a complete development application environment for users, including PC/104 power supply and development rack, keyboard interface board, flash card and its application scheme, solid-state disk and flat panel display, etc

beyond yesterday's success, Shengbo technology will continue to provide high-quality products, bring benefits to our partners and jointly realize the brilliance of tomorrow

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