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Alcan plans to invest US $9.5 million to upgrade Neuf brisach aluminum sheet plant on Monday, Alcan said it plans to invest US $9.5 million to upgrade its special aluminum sheet production plant in risach, France, where neuf-b shows insufficient foaming, mainly to upgrade its existing annealing and cooling production lines. The company said it plans to put the project into operation in the first half of 2008

Christel bories, President and CEO of Alcan engineering products, said, "by improving product quality and expanding product processing capacity, this investment will further strengthen Alcan's position in the European automotive market and further improve Alcan's strategic position in the market."

the company added that this investment will further improve the surface and mechanical properties of aluminum strip to better meet the needs of customers and further explore the aluminum body market. The company also said that the weakening competitiveness of American parts manufacturers will further strengthen Neuf brisach's environmental, health and safety

Christophe villemin, President of aluminized special aluminum plate products, said, "aluminized special aluminum plate adopts unique Rd production capacity and effective recycling measures. Aluminized is the world's leading supplier of plate products in the automotive industry. This investment is part of the company's development strategy to gradually improve the production capacity of Neuf brisach plant, so as to develop the company into a world-class manufacturer and recycler of automotive plates and cans."

in May, the customers who bought these friction and wear testing machines were mainly some domestic universities and large enterprises. Nada aluminum announced that the company plans to invest US $15 million in Neuf brisach to improve the company's aluminum tank side cutting and longitudinal cutting capacity, and invest in improving a related packaging production line and one-stop service of storage and transportation. In November, the company announced an investment of $7 million to improve the recycling of aluminum beverage cans

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