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Alcatel lucent enterprise communication channel recruitment Tour - Chengdu Station

Alcatel lucent enterprise communication channel recruitment tour Chengdu Station

time: 1:30 p.m. on March 12, 2013

address: Chengdu Shangri La Hotel

Dear lady/Sir:

thank you for your strong support to Alcatel lucent enterprise group for many years

in China, a prosperous and auspicious land, many opportunities are bringing you unprecedented development prospects, as well as new changes in the communication industry. In order to calmly respond to industrial changes, companies with continuous innovation ability are needed to provide you and your customers with the most advanced products and solutions

in 2013, Alcatel lucent enterprise communication will launch the 2013 national tour of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication channel recruitment with striving for win-win results as the theme. Young people should keep in mind the theme of "empty talk will harm the country and practical work will prosper the country"

the Chengdu Station activity of recruiting the national tour through the win-win channel will be held in Chengdu Shangri La Hotel on March 12, 2013. The investment in environmental protection of enterprises meeting the emission standard per ton of steel needs to be increased by 13%. You need to take the time to participate in this session

this conference is a rare opportunity for communication and sharing, which provides an opportunity for us to lead to success. At that time, senior executives from Alcatel lucent enterprises will join hands with regional gold medal partners Hangzhou Liga communication equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Tiantong Technology Co., Ltd., and there are many successful cases to communicate with you. 2. Stable discussion; Our engineers will also interpret the application and value of Alcatel Lucent's various products and solutions on site, and launch Alcatel Lucent's products and solutions that keep pace with the times in 2013

the business sea is surging with opportunities and challenges. To maintain the sustained, long-term and healthy development of our cause, we not only need the efforts of everyone, but also need us to work together in the same boat, forge ahead and win-win, and work together to create a brilliant tomorrow

look forward to your presence again

Alcatel lucent enterprise team


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