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Alcatel lucent enterprise communication and cogent improve patient home care services

OP has the characteristics of accurate control, high measurement accuracy, flexible configuration, easy attachment exchange and convenient service; According to GB, ASTM, JIS, DIN and other standards, stretching, tightening, twists and turns, peeling, shearing, tearing, puncture, bursting and various high and low temperature experiments can be carried out. The entouch small and medium-sized enterprise version kit can create a mobile office and help patients serve

recently, Alcatel lucent enterprise communications announced that it will work with cogent to provide new communication technology solutions for the loving Huai'an sanatorium in Auckland, New Zealand, to improve patient and home care services

Auckland loving Huai'an sanatorium is a special service that provides soothing care and care for patients suffering from major diseases. Based on the continuous development of mobile technology, mercy Huai'an sanatorium has deployed Alcatel lucent enterprise communication opentouch suite in seven retail stores in the sanatorium and Auckland Center for the first time. The whole system is implemented by cogent, New Zealand, and provides flexible and easy-to-use mobile applications for nursing home employees with the help of the new Alcatel lucent enterprise communication technology

Alcatel lucent enterprise communication opentouch suite can provide end-to-end voice and data solutions and wireless connections for all departments, so as to achieve better communication cooperation and reduce system maintenance costs. By deploying the latest collaborative communication, Auckland loving Huai'an sanatorium meets the use needs of employees in mobile, better improves the nursing of patients and the contact with patients' families, and lays the foundation for building a mobile office

Michael misomphane, it director of mercy Huai'an sanatorium in Auckland, said: our previous PBX can only provide voice calls, and the deployment of unified communication starts from scratch. Alcatel Lucent and cogent help us build a cost-effective and reliable infrastructure to improve the communication experience of our inpatients and provide them with a variety of safe and reliable communication services

cogent's new Beijing Construction Committee dismissed unqualified polyurethane materials. Chito Bautista, senior business development manager of west land, said: for non-profit institutions such as Auckland's loving Huai'an sanatorium, using Alcatel lucent enterprise communication is undoubtedly a wise choice, not only because Alcatel lucent has strong technical strength, but also has highly competitive operating costs and can provide the highest quality application services. We will continue to cooperate with Alcatel lucent enterprise communications to support Auckland loving Huai'an sanatorium to gradually realize the unified communication application of the whole institution

Maud holvast, vice president of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications Australia and New Zealand, said: This is a successful case of health care institutions. We focus on providing users with appropriate communication systems, supporting employee collaboration and improving patient services. Our goal is to help customers solve their application needs without spending too much resources and increasing the pressure on it managers

about Auckland loving Huai'an sanatorium

Auckland loving Huai'an sanatorium provides a large number of expert hospice care for terminally ill patients, taking care of patients with the most professional skills, patience and high-quality services. The non-profit organization also provides support to patients' families, friends and caregivers to help them cope with various problems caused by the disease

about cogent New Zealand Limited

we are an independent New Zealand private company with a technical service team composed of local experts. There are seven offices in the South and North islands to provide excellent services for the whole of New Zealand


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