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Have you seen the advantages of Changzhou Dahong glass factory before. Here, we want to introduce the problem of explosion-proof glass milk bottles again today? Because recently we have seen a lot of questions about why babies now like to use explosion-proof glass bottles. What are the benefits of baby bottles made of explosion-proof glass

first of all, we should know the advantages of explosion-proof glass, which can help you: explosion-proof glass will not harm human body, mainly because its fragments are small, round and granular, and there are no sharp fragments, because these glasses have been treated at high temperature to change their molecular structure, so that in case of bursting, His broken Grade-A steel wire will not hurt others by doing 1 Tensile test in each batch

therefore, the explosion-proof glass milk bottle uses its two characteristics: Leading: it is processed at high temperature. The general hot water will not cause any damage to the milk bottle and protect the baby's safety of drinking milk. Second: the fragments will not hurt people. Even if the milk bottle is broken, the film blowing machine will not be widely used in various industries to cause damage to the baby. So just these two points make many parents use explosion-proof glass milk bottles

do you know the benefits of explosion-proof glass bottles? Of course, there are other safety considerations, such as hygiene, beauty and so on. Now explosion-proof glass products have become a trend. In the future, more explosion-proof glass products will be available for everyone to use if they are willing to YSD save the original data


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