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Advantages and test procedures of constant temperature water bath

constant temperature water bath is a precision instrument for direct or auxiliary heating in experimental scientific fields such as biology, plant, physics, chemical industry, medical treatment and environmental protection. In addition, the temperature control device adopts high stability operational amplifier, double integral high-precision A/D conversion technology, far-infrared heating technology and circular stirring, The product hot flat drop hammer impact testing machine is mainly divided into two parts: the single chip microcomputer part of the drop hammer impact testing machine and the computer control part of the drop hammer impact testing machine have the advantages of small temperature fluctuation and good uniformity

it is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plate and precision machining processes such as maximum force, tightening strength, yield strength and elastic modulus. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, energy saving and long service life

test procedures for constant temperature water bath

1. The water tank should be placed on a fixed platform, the power voltage must be consistent with the voltage required by the product, and the power socket should adopt a three hole safety inspection socket. A ground wire must be installed

2. Add clean water into the water tank to the total height of 1//3

3. Turn the power switch to on, and the panel of the temperature controller will have a digital display. The power is connected

4. Press the temperature button of the temperature controller, and the temperature displayed by the number is the actual measured temperature. At the same time, rotate the temperature adjustment knob, observe the displayed value and select the required working temperature

5. According to the experimental intention of the fatigue testing machine, it can be divided into: function test fatigue experiment, influence coefficient fatigue experiment, control fatigue experiment, selection fatigue experiment, verification fatigue experiment, etc. press the setting button again. At this time, the temperature displayed by the number is the temperature measured in the water tank. The heat indicator light is on, and the instrument enters the automatic constant temperature control state

6. When the measured temperature in the water tank reaches the set temperature, the heating is interrupted and the heating instruction light is off. After 60 minutes of power on in the standard environment, the temperature can remain stable

7. When the required working temperature is low, the method of twice setting can be adopted. If the working temperature is 39 degrees, set it to 36 degrees for the first time, and then set it to 39 degrees for the second time after the temperature overshoot begins to fall back, so as to strongly reduce the temperature overshoot and enter the constant temperature state as soon as possible


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