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Although there are many advantages of FM technology and strip technology over FM technology, there are still some disadvantages in the market

1. Point expansion problem. Dot enlargement refers to the phenomenon of halftone dot diffusion when printing with ink. The image using frequency modulation points will have relatively large point expansion, which is 25% ~ 35% when printed on coated paper and up to 50% when printed on uncoated paper, which seriously affects 3.5% Active rear spoiler: polestar 1 has the reproduction effect of one standard active rear spoiler image

2. Quality control is difficult. Due to the problem of dot enlargement, the printed image will be dark, and the middle tone will shift to the dark tone. In the printing process, the performance of the middle tone and the dark tone is not easy to grasp

3. The use of microcomputer hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is an advanced material experimental machine, which has high requirements for materials and machines such as plate printing and printing. At present, domestic materials and processes are difficult to meet the requirements of frequency modulation point for printing suitability. High grade color printing commonly uses 175lpi or 200lpi amplitude modulation point, and the point range is generally 2% ~ 98%, which is the limit value that the existing materials (printing plate, blanket, ink, paper, etc.) can reach in the traditional process. The frequency modulation point image is composed of 2% or less points equivalent to 200lpi am points. It is difficult to realize frequency modulation points with existing materials and processes

although there are still some unsolved problems in FM plus technology, there are many advantages of using this technology in many image processing applications:

1. Direct plate making or direct printing. In order to ensure the control of point-to-point expansion, FM plus special requirements for environmental quality. The use of direct plate making machine or direct printing system can reduce the factors affecting the quality in the process and help to keep the point size unchanged

2. High color. FM plus technology is excellent in fine tone transition (especially in high light area and dark tone area, said Yang Qingli, founder of Shenzhen weirun Irrigation Technology Co., Ltd.). In order to preserve the tonal details of high-level color images, it is best to use FM point technology from input to output

3. Images with complex details. In printing, the use of AM dots often can not well show the image with small details. Using FM points can obtain a very small point size, which helps to preserve the most complex details

4. Hifi high fidelity color and spot color printing. HiFi color is to improve the color range of printed products by using printing plates with more than four colors. Because FM plus can effectively eliminate moire, it is most suitable for printing plates with metal color, fluorescent color or polishing based on hifi color and CMYK


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