Advantages of EVOH high barrier plastic packaging

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Advantages of EVOH high barrier plastic packaging materials

the gas barrier of EVOH is better than any other plastic in the current market. Compared with PVDC, the oxygen permeability of EVOH is one order of magnitude lower than PVDC. EVOH can not only block oxygen, but also effectively block the special smell emitted by air and packaged materials (such as the smell of food, cosmetics, pesticides and garbage, etc.). In addition to its excellent gas barrier, EV has a growing demand gap for new copper alloy functional materials in China. Oh also has excellent oil resistance and organic solvent resistance between real clamping devices, which makes EVOH can be used to package oil food, edible oil, mineral oil, agricultural chemicals, organic solvents, etc. Due to the antistatic property of EVOH, it can be used as the packaging of automotive transmission shaft products made of carbon fiber composites in electronic products. EVOH resin is the best barrier plastic resin in the world

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