Advantages and precautions of box wrench

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Advantages and precautions of box wrench

there are many types of inks like wrenches. Different types of wrenches can be seen in daily life or other working occasions. Today, let's introduce one of them: the structural characteristics and precautions of box wrench

structural features of box wrench:

(1) both ends of box wrench are sockets. The inner hole of the sleeve is formed by two regular hexagons concentrically staggered by 30 °

(2) when in use, the position can be changed after the wrench is pulled for 30 °, which is suitable for operation in narrow occasions

(3) with the progress of technology, the head of the bolt or nut shall be completely surrounded, which is not easy to fall off, safe and reliable

(4) compared with open-ended wrench, ring wrench has larger torque, but it is also limited by space

PHA degradable high molecular materials have potential use in anti infection

(5) the wrench handle is curved or angled, which can provide clearance for fingers to prevent scratching fingers

precautions for using box spanner:

(1) do not use box spanner with damage or crack, otherwise it will hurt you

(2) hexagonal box wrenches have more skid resistance than 12 sided box wrenches

(3) the selection of ring wrench shall be consistent with the size of bolt or nut

(4) pull the bolt or nut firmly, otherwise it will damage the bolt or nut

(5) do not put a pipe on the wrench to increase the length of the wrench to tighten it, which will damage the wrench or bolts and nuts


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