Advantages of a new method of flocking transfer pr

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Advantages of new flocking transfer printing method

advantages of new flocking transfer printing method

1. The process is simple and does not need technical training. It can be successful after practice

2. Low cost. Only two kinds of raw materials are needed: Flocking transfer base paper and flocking transfer special glue. Therefore, most printing factories in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have adopted this method to make flocking patterns on clothes

this new method is also particularly suitable for the processing business of glue printing and flocking mixed patterns. If this mixed pattern cannot be made by the traditional transfer flocking method due to displacement, this new direct transfer flocking method can only be used

the operation process is as follows: first, print the glue patterns of various colors one by one on the walking board (this is the normal business of the printing factory and does not need guidance), then print the anti adhesion agent on all the glue patterns, and then print the flocking transfer special glue on the part where the flocking pattern is needed. After it is half dry, close the flocking transfer base paper and press it, After cooling, the fatigue degree of the coherent spring can be measured and the backing paper can be torn off. At this time, it can be seen that there is a special glue drawing of flocking transfer. Previously, it was thought that in the case part, the adhered fluff on it forms a very dense flocking pattern, while in the pattern part printed with ordinary glue and anti adhesive layer, there will also be sporadic fluff. The service life of the external insulation project of the external wall should be more than 25 years. However, these sporadic fluff can be adhered with the box sealing tape paper to make the glue printing pattern very clean

source: China Xiran daily


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