85 power supporting projects to help Expo 2010

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85 power supporting projects will help complete the Expo before 2010. In order to meet the power demand of Shanghai's social and economic development in 2010 and ensure the power supply of the Expo, Shanghai Electric Power Company will complete 85 power supporting projects for the Expo. Yesterday afternoon, liuzhenya, general manager of the State Power Corporation, came to Shanghai to inspect the 110kV Mengzi substation, the WorldExpo power project. The station is one of the core power projects of the Expo. It is an underground substation. After completion, it will provide reliable power guarantee for all pavilions in Puxi area of the Expo Park

on December 17 last year, State Grid Corporation of China officially signed a contract with the Shanghai WorldExpo Bureau in Shanghai to become the global partner of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. As early as the beginning of the Expo planning, the State Power Corporation provided detailed plans and preparations for the power supply services of the Expo. The 500kV Jing'an (WorldExpo) substation, which is about to enter the electrical installation stage, is not only the second largest underground substation in the world, but also a 500kV bicycle walking on the road suddenly broke its front fork. The voltage grade substation entering the central urban area can also meet the demand of power supply n amorphous plastic ≤ 0.5% tension in big cities

it is understood that among the 85 Expo power supporting construction projects completed by Shanghai electric power company before 2010, there will be two 220 kV substations at Lianyun station and Nanshi station in the Expo Park, and five substations at huayuangang, Mengzi, Bailianjing, Expo Axis and Convention Center. The most common items tested by universal testing machine are the tensile strength and tensile modulus, zigzag strength and modulus 10 kV substations as the core power projects, Directly provide power supply for the park. A large number of power transmission and transformation projects above 110 kV, such as Waigaoqiao No. 3 power transmission project, 500 kV Nanhui station, Sanlin station, WorldExpo station, UHV ± 800 DC power transmission and transformation demonstration project Fengxian converter station, Liantang station, will contribute to the implementation of the national energy strategy of "west to East power transmission" and ensure strong support for the power supply for the 2010 WorldExpo and Shanghai's social and economic development

in addition, on the ground of 110kV Mengzi substation, the enterprise pavilion of State Grid Corporation of Shanghai WorldExpo will be built. At present, the preparatory work for the museum is progressing in an orderly manner


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